HR Software In SaaS: GEFCO S.A. chooses Talentia Software

September 6, 2019

Bien choisir son logiciel d'élaboration budgétaire : une nécessité

Paris La Défense, September 6, 2019

In order to support its development and support its transformation strategy focused on innovation and new technologies, GEFCO, world leader in multimodal supply chain solutions and the European leader in automotive logistics, has decided to integrate Talentia Software’s solutions (SaaS solution for Payroll, Administrative Management and Time and Activity Management – GTA) into a global drive to re-internalise payroll production.

Tooling the re-internalization of payroll to meet GEFCO S.A.’s external and internal constraints

“Our environment is changing faster and faster, needs and expectations are changing, new requirements (regulatory, social, legal, etc.) are emerging, and we need to be supported by modern solutions, in line with the new challenges we must face to seize the growth opportunities that are available to us,” says Jean-Marc HALFON, Director of Human Resources at GEFCO S.A.

In view of these expectations, Talentia Software was able to differentiate itself by offering GEFCO S.A. a stable SaaS solution with secure functional coverage (payroll, administrative management, and ATM) (employee safe, electronic signature, etc.) and a strong capacity for development. GEFCO was also attracted by Talentia Software’s maintenance service offer adapted to a structure such as that of GEFCO S.A.

“We are pleased to bring our expertise to GEFCO S.A. in its re-internalization strategy and to be able to optimally restore control over payroll production to this global player,” adds Xavier Daguzan, Managing Director France of Talentia.

A scalable and modular solution thanks to SaaS mode

The SaaS solutions made available to GEFCO S.A. will enable HR departments to :

  • Secure and make payroll more reliable,
  • Optimize administrative management processes,
  • Benefit from legislative and regulatory updates
  • Facilitate the follow-up of teams by managers (access to files, requests, absences, etc.),
  • Provide employees with intuitive tools to manage their files, requests (absences, certificates, etc.) and access their history,
  • Improve reporting management via the DSN portal (nominative social declaration).