How HR Services Can Deliver Improved Employee Experience

September 22, 2022

Hybrid work has arrived to stay in the post-pandemic workplace and it’s time for organizations to adapt their human capital management software to the new times. Thus, it is essential to meet the challenges of changing from synchronous to asynchronous work and the physical office becoming a thing of the past.

Keep on reading and discover how to improve employee experience and what HR services can offer.

A comprehensive HR Service solution to improve employee experience

The step from traditional employee self-service portals to employee experience platforms is crucial to deliver efficient, effective and top-quality service to workers. The best way to achieve this is through a single solution that will help you save costs and accomplish your goal faster.

Therefore, if you want HR to devote time to added-value activities rather than repetitive tasks and fully digitalize employee experience, the best option is to choose an actively integrated suite.

The key point is to facilitate exchanges between HR and employees, no matter the working model (remote, hybrid…). Real-time HR presence and 24/7 answers (without overloading the HR teams), digital document management are good ways to boost employee experience.

Levelling the importance of employee experience to the customer experience 

Because the main goal of user experience is to maintain employee engagement and motivation, it is important to improve your workers’ experience with the same care you deliver to your customers.   

What should you offer to connect with your workforce’s goals and future?

  • Scalability and efficiency
  • Accessibility from everywhere
  • User experience

Keep reading to see how this can be achieved.

Artificial intelligence as an asset: Chatbots and Natural Language Processing

Chatbots combined with natural language processing as first-tier support digital employee experience software are another level of interaction. They not only improve the quality of repetitive tasks, but also enable real-time, multi-channel notifications. Below are some additional advantages: 

  • They can be accessed from multiple devices, facilitating work in mobility.
  • Communication through various channels to answer common questions: they combine data to provide fast responses and avoid explanatory emails and follow-up texts.
  • They offer HR support to help employees in areas such as payroll management, absences, schedules, travel and expenses, vacation tracking, etc.
  • Feedback is tailored to the type of information requested: they offer data-backed, unbiased, and yet personalized information.
  • They facilitate information about company culture.

Thus, chatbots are more than a replacement for human interaction or a method to increase automation.

Conclusion: what an HR service should offer to successfully boost employee engagement

To succeed in improving employee experience in  office it is necessary to digitalize the full HR process.

In short, new trends and changes in employees’ expectations require innovative approaches, and it is time to rethink HR services to meet the demands of the workforce.

Show your workers that you care with the Talentia HCM and find an end-to-end HR solution to engage, motivate and enhance your employees’ performance.

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