Which are the main HR and Talent-centric Strategies’ trends?

July 29, 2022

HR strategies have undergone a deep change after the disruption caused by COVID-19. As a result, companies have altered their relationship with employees and work allotment.

The most notable consequence has been an increase in working from home, although there are other HR and Talent-centric strategies’ trends right now. In this article, we will focus on two of them:

  • Talent and employee management,
  • And incorporating new technologies into HR.

Talent-centric strategies to empower the workforce and improve performance

Any talent-centric HR strategy focuses on finding and retaining the right people for the company. The 2022 trend in this regard is to start the hiring process by finding employees from across different universities, backgrounds, and ethnic groups to broaden the workforce’s skillset and strengthen the business.

Make sure you offer a good employee experience

Any organization should aspire to become an employer of choice, and a good employee experience is the cornerstone for that. HR professionals must make sure there is strong employee engagement, recognition, well-being, and that their feedback is taken into consideration. A happy workforce will create the perfect environment, increasing the organization’s reputation while reducing employee turnover.

Moreover, not only should employees be happy at their position, but be informed of their prospects for the future, and how they could further their careers within the company. This can be achieved with training, mentorship, or a closer relationship with management.

Rethink work allocation systems

Another point to consider is how to keep employees motivated as well as productive. Self-realization can bring out the best in the workforce: a great way to promote this is by letting employees have a say in their work allotment, which will get them excited about their job role.

The latest trend in this regard is Opportunity Marketplaces, modern career portals that connect people to opportunities within the company so that they can volunteer for projects they find interesting. This is a great way to provide training as well, since employees may need further knowledge to work on certain projects. Encouraging this system promotes company growth and skill development that may be useful for the business later on.

Technology can bring your HR and talent-centric strategies together

Keeping track of employee feedback, their skills, payroll solutions, and every other HR process that is needed for a well-oiled organization is not easy. Especially in companies where this data is not all integrated and standardized.

The first step is to assess what the organization needs from its HR solutions. Also, whether its current system can handle it. If not, then maybe it’s time to implement new HR technology.

How can organizations benefit from the HCM Software?

Digitalization is a reality in HR nowadays, and having all the data and feedback accessible on the same platform will help HR professionals automate the more simple tasks. At Talentia we offer HCM software that brings simplicity into the complexities of HR work.

What aspects can be improved with integrated software such as this one?

  • Recruitment
  • Employee engagement and feedback
  • Onboarding and reboarding
  • Training, development, and skills
  • Measuring and analyzing organization data


Talent-centric HR strategies in 2022: The Rise of Talent & People Success.

Facing an explosive cocktail of disruption, organizations are rethinking their traditional approaches to talent management.