How to recruit talent faster and more successfully in a digital context?

March 25, 2022

recruiting talent

The current development framework for recruiting talent is closely linked to digitalization and remote working. Besides, there is an increasingly competitive landscape for recruiting and retaining talent. So this means we have a new scenario.

The Harvard Kennedy School states that in the US, state and local administrations have already lost 1.5 million jobs. The same jobs that are at risk in the short term.

Want to be on the victorious side of the war for talent?

Having an intelligent Applicant Tracking System or ATS allows talent managers in organizations to face the main challenges of the digital era.

According to the consulting firm Deloitte, these challenges include, among others:

  • Effective team integration.
  • Facilitating and creating engagement dynamics
  • Having the capacity for building dynamics in place
  • And the adoption of emerging technologies, for instance. 

Using an ATS for recruiting in the war for talent

For Human Resources Directors and Recruitment Managers, the process of attracting, recruiting and integrating new talent is crucial.

In order to have the best resources available at all times. And also to achieve a balanced development of internal corporate dynamics and the achievement of strategic objectives. So, how can an ATS help in human resources management? 

  1. Improves the candidate’s experience: reducing the frictions and mismatches involved in adapting to a new corporate culture and joining a new work team.
  2. Saves time for the HR department: optimizing your processes and ensuring better utilization of your resources, with shorter implementation times.
  3. Locates and attracts the right talent: thanks to the search and semantic analysis of curriculums, present in the ATS.
  4. Improves employer branding: ensuring that your organization is an attractive destination for developing talent and skills.
  5. Improves the ROI of recruitment: ensuring that every cent invested in this process is recouped and even generates profits. 

Easier onboarding process when recruiting talent

The process of recruiting talent does not end with the selection of the most appropriate candidate. In fact, without quick assimilation into the corporate culture and a non-disruptive inclusion in its dynamics and objectives, all the time “gained” with the use of the ATS can be “lost” in the onboarding process.

So, a successful onboarding process and its application are crucial in human resources management. 

Thanks to Talentia HCM and its specific component for onboarding, we can reduce the possible disruptions and mismatches of a new employee’s arrival.

This is important when many onboarding processes are undertaken simultaneously with teleworking dynamics. Through a smart solution to monitor the talent assimilation experience, it is possible to: 

  • Perform training on the internal dynamics of the company. 
  • Facilitate adoption of the corporate culture. 
  • Provide a better understanding of the characteristics of the position and the duties and responsibilities involved. 
  • And better and clearer placement of assimilated talent in the existing organizational chart. 

Thus, effective recruitment is imperative, as well as fast recruitment and hiring processes. In a context such as the digital one, the difference is measured in seconds, not days.

So, having the appropriate technological support will facilitate your workforce and help you to achieve your objectives easily.