How to manage the complexity of the HR and Finance function?

September 26, 2019

Version 10.2 de Talentia HCM

Companies have no choice but to grow to survive. To do this, several options are available to them:

  • External growth,
  • International development,
  • LBO,
  • IPO,
  • Diversification,
  • Etc.

These strategic issues have a real impact on finance and HR and are in addition to the multidimensional complexity that these two functions must manage.

The difficulties expressed by the latter are numerous and multidimensional.

More than 80% of HR and CFOs interviewed by Talentia say that the complexity of their job is constantly increasing.

ORGANIZATIONAL ISSUES: Multi-site, multi-business, multiactivity, decentralized

TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGES: Employee experience, hyper-growth, digitalization of the company, complicated Excel files to maintain, constantly evolving regulatory constraints…

IT SYSTEM ISSUES: Fragmentation of IT and data sources, obsolescence of solutions,…

STRATEGIC ISSUES: Investor relations, external growth, internationalisation, predictability and reliable management… 

Make HR and Finance complexity easier to manage  

Simplifying the complexity of finance and human resources for European TWAs through first-class, unified, comprehensive platforms tailored to their specific needs Talentia’s priority mission.

A complete HR Suite from Core HR to Talent Management to Payroll 

  • A complete platform including GA, GTA, Payroll and HR,
  • A SaaS solution including recurring services on demand,
  • Portals for employees, managers and HR managers accessible on the move,
  • Intuitive and simple applications,
  • Enhanced and collaborative HR workflows (continuous feedback, onboarding, e-learning content, etc.) to manage all your HR processes in real time, to deploy common practices, to track information.
  • Ready-to-use dashboards to take control of your key indicators, identify risks and development areas at a glance,
  • A powerful payroll engine automating processes, integrating talent management and BI
  • The possibility of animating an ecosystem of HR services in “App Store” mode, promoting autonomy, team commitment and continuous innovation.

A complete and unique financial suite for operations and financial performance management

All or part of the suite can be activated simultaneously or progressively. Certified by Infocert, the solution meets French and international standards in a secure manner.

Productivity oriented and new uses:

  • At the level of operations:
  • on data entry: beyond the automation of writing schemes, it benefits from standard connectors to the automatic reading of Yooz documents,
  • on statutory consolidation: the restatement rules are integrated and the regulatory monitoring carried out by our teams,
  • on accounting revision: controls are automated, the file dematerialized to be shared very easily with your CACs (and free your teams from their many requests).
  • We also put our expertise to the benefit of our customers and have developed a catalogue of turnkey and adaptable dashboards and KPIs, based on reliable accounting information, which can be enriched with business data for cross-functional management, accessible on the move.
  • Reporting and analysis are real-time, easily adaptable. Under the Excel interface, reporting and analysis can be implemented very quickly by capitalizing on the spreadsheets already in use at home today.
  • At any level: the platform facilitates exchanges and collaboration within the team and beyond via alerting, workflows, easy and secure sharing, adaptability of dashboards to be able to have relevant formats for all.
Talentia Financial Suite, a solution adapted to your complexity:
  • Core Parallel Models
  • Powerful and revisable analysis
  • Real-time solution
  • Integrable and integral platform
  • Integrated automation
  • Adaptable granularity reporting and analysis
  • With instant retail access
  • Adaptability of processes according to the organization
  • Multi-source and multi-process shared management
  • Simulations and adaptable models

By choosing Talentia, you are choosing a trusted partner who will support you in achieving your business objectives: 

  • Growth strategy,
  • Financial and economic performance management,
  • Cash management,
  • Organization and management of human capital,
  • Risk management,
  • Process optimization.