How to make finance more predictable?

January 20, 2022

predictive finance

The current changing and uncertain economic environment forces companies to reinvent themselves.

They have to continually adapt to better anticipate changes. This situation creates a new need from Finance to be more predictable and able to do rolling budgets and forecasts and fast closing. Thus, predictive finance management becomes crucial.  

Predictive finance to address today’s business challenges 

Predictive finance provides real-time data, tools and reliable analysis of short and medium term business activity to help make the right decisions and act quicklyIn other words, making it easier for the company to get to the right place with minimal risk 

Today Finance needs to efficiently support certain business challenges: 

  • Rapid growth through acquisitions, LBOs, global expansion, etc. In addition, hyper-growth and transformation require an adaptation of internal management and more efficient processes. 
  • Improved relations with external investors or financiers, now more sensitive to a clear and accurate exchange of information. Consequently, presenting current and forecasted performance requires reliable reporting aligned with strategy 
  • Greater management complexity of decentralized organizations with multiple sites, lines of business or activities 

How to transform finance into efficient predictive finance in these critical times? How to develop the necessary analytical and anticipation capabilities and become more agile? Undoubtedly, technology is the great ally to achieve this. 

Talentia Financial Suite transforms financials into predictive ones 

Talentia’s financial suite covers these needs across a broad functional scope: accounting and consolidation, cash management, purchasing, assets, analytics and corporate performance management (CPM). It is supported by a business intelligence tool that ensures reporting & compliance functions. 

Talentia’s financial management software streamlines management while maintaining consistent information: 

Talentia Consolidation & Close

As part of the Talentia CPM solution – simplifies and makes local and group consolidation processes more reliable. In addition, it manages reporting, also in XBRL format. Talentia Accounting Review facilitates auditing and periodic accounting control. 

Talentia CPM (Corporate Performance Management)

Enables corporate performance management and optimization of predictive finance processes: Analysis, Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting. 

Talentia Finance Intelligence 

Talentia Financial Intelligence provides turnkey reporting on audit and accounting control. In addition, it enables multidimensional and dynamic business analysis based on KPIs and optimizes performance.  

White Paper

Agility and Predictive

Key performance levers for Finance

Talentia drastically reduces the time to obtain analytical information allowing the CFO and their team to concentrate on:

  • Analyzing financial information.
  • Carrying out budget projections and simulations in any type of scenario.
  • Deepening the descriptive dimension of reporting and document presentation.

Thus, Talentia ensures agile financial processes, reliable information and quality forecasts. In this way, the Finance Department makes it easier for managers to correctly assess what may be the best decision for the future development of the company. It also allows them to share financial information in a collaborative way with the Management Team, the rest of the department and other stakeholders.