Top 7 Tips to Boost Team Motivation

April 12, 2023

It has been said that optimistic and motivated employees tend to be more productive workers. In fact, a 2022 Gallup study has shown that 32% of adults feel engaged in their work. Employee morale and motivation have a direct impact on engagement, collaboration and productivity. The frustration can stem from not reaching goals and there can also be a lack of responsibility on the management’s part. One question remains: what can we do to boost employee morale and motivation?

Whether or not you have a noticeable morale or motivation issue at your workplace, you may simply be interested in boosting your employees’ productivity. In this article, we are going to focus on our 7 top tips to boost team motivation and how being proactive in this area makes good business sense.

1. Align your employees with company values

It is an employer’s dream to have an organization that is fully committed and devoted employees. What is more realistically achievable is to focus on fostering a sense of what is good for the business is good for them. Here are some ways to build that type of commitment and personal involvement:

  • Identify any problems right away.
  • Share your organization’s vision and mission.
  • Give employees some decision-making power and responsibility.
  • Create or update reward systems for specific accomplishments.

2. Build trust and loyalty by fostering relationships

Employee morale is the attitude employees show towards their job and the workplace. As we have discussed in previous posts, it is important to develop and foster relationships with your team. With more organizations introducing both hybrid and fully remote working styles for their teams, it is much easier for employees to encounter stressful situations, isolation, loss of motivation and a negative impact on decision-making. They are first and foremost social, relational human beings and their engagement in the workplace can be increased when their managers express care and appreciation. Create team-building events and activities to help improve engagement levels and boost overall motivation.

3. Set realistic goals for achievement

When an employee’s goals feel out of reach, motivation can drop, and their daily tasks may become tedious and overwhelming. By setting realistic and achievable objectives, they can focus on completing their daily work with a more positive attitude and will be less likely to become frustrated and discouraged.

4. Motivate to lift morale

External motivation and tools can only take employees so far. A small reward, a kind word of gratitude or even the announcement of a promotion can only last so long. By focusing on creating a culture that will lift employees’ moods and boost morale, lasting motivation will start to become more sustainable in the long run.

5. Create self-initiative programs

The more an employer harnesses self-initiative programs, the more motivated teams can become and thus, the higher their employee morale. Intrinsic motivation can encourage team members to think about what their professional goals are and how to achieve them. Employees who are motivated in this way will be much more likely to make plans, reach targets and exceed company expectations with little to no supervision.

6. Encourage employee feedback

Along with open communication, companies should focus on building cultures that encourage employee feedback. As the employer, you can provide open and honest feedback on their performance, as well as welcome input on how the company could improve. Gather suggestions and comments through one-to-one or company wide meetings, internal surveys, town halls or other means. Receiving employee feedback can help the company gain new ideas and make workers feel more invested in the organization.

7. Invest in performance management software

Performance management can help HR to identify strengths and weaknesses, align objectives as well as increase motivation and job satisfaction. Measuring performance can make it easier to know which incentives are working and which ones need improvement. With Talentia’s performance management software, you will be able to evaluate your employees’ work, encourage communication and recognition, define flexible objectives and improve decision-making.