How can you improve your recruitment process?

December 16, 2019

Étude Harris Interactive pour Talentia Software

To evaluate the candidate’s experience, do you have to put yourself in his place?  For a company, recruiting new employees is a process that often requires time and optimal organization. Indeed, processing includes many operations, which begin with the identification of the requirement and end only after the new employee has been integrated. And if recruitment software could help you improve the candidate experience.

Candidate experience is the feeling of the candidate with regard to the path imposed by a company to apply for an offer and the way in which his or her application was treated.

To evaluate it, thinking like a candidate is essential. It is a question of identifying the problems he may encounter on the recruitment page. The ergonomics of the latter to easily access the offers. Recruitment software allows you to regain control over your candidate experience and meet several essential expectations.

The career page on the website

This has become essential for companies and thus to have a space dedicated to employment on the site.  A career page allows candidates to see the company’s job offers and apply for them. It is also an ideal support to develop your employer brand.

Just like your website, your career page must be visually attractive, ergonomic and easy to use. Candidates want to learn more about the company and you should not hesitate to include photos, videos and texts presenting the company.

In the event of many vacancies to be filled, candidates must have access to those that correspond to what they are looking for quickly. The search filter thus seems to be the best way to find your way around.

The diffusion of job opportunities

How to stand out from the mass of offers already available online? The challenge is to be able to guarantee a choice position and allow candidates to easily find job offers on the Internet. To ensure this task, a recruitment software is of great help because it allows you to distribute your offers in one click on several platforms. This makes it possible to better target job boards where you want to distribute offers and save a considerable amount of time.

The management of applications

Today the figures are clear, more than 60% of candidates declare that they remain unanswered following an application. Recruitment software solves this problem by creating custom email templates and automating response sending.

Analyze the recruitment process

Today, any complete software must display the statistics corresponding to the analyses of the various recruitment campaigns. Several data are thus taken into account, such as the source of applications (job platforms, career page, social networks), the reasons for refusing an application, or on the contrary the reasons for validation. All these figures allow you to improve your recruitment process and your candidate experience.

A complete solution for recruitment management

This must cover all the functionalities covering the entire recruitment process. This must detail the meaning of vacant positions, support the multicasting of offers (on all portals and professional networks), the collection of applications through online forms and the sourcing of candidates from a CV library.

In addition to these technical aspects, its role is to streamline the stages of pre-selection of candidates as well as the management of hiring proposals via workflow. Finally, the tool includes the integration process and allows data to be exported to the payroll solution when the status of the successful candidate is transformed into an employee.

It is therefore important to ensure that the recruitment management software helps you to:

  • Develop your attractiveness with profiles that match your criteria
  • Make your sourcing strategy more efficient
  • Successful integration of the new employee
  • Collect all the information necessary to measure the effectiveness of your recruitment process.