Going back to the office: new challenges in HR management

September 1, 2021

HR Management

HR management is facing new challenges with the removal of restrictions. Thousands of workers across Europe are returning or planning to return to the office to perform functions they have been doing at home for a year and a half.

Protecting their health, maintaining motivation to achieve the desired level of performance, and having a perfect team vision are some of the challenges organizations are facing. So, how to meet these? And what role does a tool such as HR management software play? 

Some figures about Home-office 

According to Eurofound, nearly 40% of EU employees were working from home in April 2020.

In the case of Spain, 30.2% did so, compared to 37.2% in France and 40.8% in Italy. If we look at the UK, the figure is 43% according to the ONS (Office for National Statistics). In addition to these differences –among other reasons, because teleworking was a much more unknown option in Spain– other variables must be added such as: 

  • The pace of vaccination.
  • The opening up program that each country is carrying. 
  • And also, the politics that have a direct influence on the return to the office. 

Aspects to bear in mind for efficient human resources management 

There are certain aspects in common that any organization must take into account if it wants to achieve efficient HR management: 

  • Avoid rushing. Companies must gradually adapt to the current reality. They need to plan schedules and meetings, incorporating new protocols… And, above all, managing the fear and uncertainty of their employees.
  • Adapting spaces. It is clear that offices have had to make a 180-degree turn. Gone are the common coffee areas, fixed workstations have become “hot spots”, used as needed. Besides, the distribution of desks has also changed. According to a study conducted by the University College of London, and published on the BBC, employees who have their desks near a window concentrate much better and are more productive than those who are located near walls.
  • Make use of technological tools. In addition to the installation of temperature sensors or thermal cameras, the implementation of HR management software is essential to ensure more efficient team management. In fact, it is the best strategic weapon to safeguard the health of employees and ensure productivity.  

The power of data for the HR management 

Establishing a single source of data, also known as a Single Source of Truth, allows the HR manager to have accurate information in real-time.  Therefore, enables an improvement in decision making.

A human resources management software like Talentia HCM will help you manage all your workforce data through flexible and optimized processes. The perfect ally for a period of transition like the current one. Health is key and having a complete vision in real-time of your team is the basis of efficient management.