Giving the employee a voice: the key to talent retention

March 3, 2021

talent retention

Giving employees a voice is the key to talent retention. Fluid communication facilitates employee engagement with the organization and avoids misunderstandings. In this regard, creating a work environment that encourages participation is one of the main responsibilities of the HR Director. 

Internal communication is key to efficient human resources management. Continuous performance-feedback strategies or listening to employees’ day-to-day problems are some tools that help to better understand their needs. It is important to be empathetic and always keep the door open. It is also beneficial to organize activities outside the work environment now available onlineto get to know other facets of their lives: hobbies or personal ambitions, for example. 

All these initiatives contribute to optimizing internal communication. Specifically, giving employees a voice has four immediate positive effects on the organization:

  1. it increases retention,
  2. employee satisfaction,
  3. collaboration
  4. and enhances corporate culture.

Let’s take a closer look at these. 

Talent retention

Talent retention is an essential task of the Talent Manager. Controlling the cost of turnover is an important task in human resources management. For this reason, it is important to boost the commitment of the workforce so that employees want to stay. In this sense, a communicative environment is the cornerstone on which all other strategies rest. 

Employee satisfaction

A positive work environment improves employee satisfaction. Being able to speak up without fear and being listened to are motivational levers. Satisfied employees also perform better. According to a study by the University of Oxford, workers are 13% more productive when they are happy.  

Effective collaboration

Smooth communication is a key ingredient for successful collaboration. When it works effectively, many team mistakes are avoided and the group is better oriented. Goal achievement and productivity are also improved through efficient collaboration.  

Improved corporate culture

The employee’s voice is a powerful tool for them to become your best brand ambassadors. A happy employee is a good spokesperson for the company. Outwardly, that positivity can help attract new customers or attract new talent. Meanwhile, inside the company, a strong organizational culture has a positive impact on productivity and employee motivation as well as achieving greater cohesion and collaboration between teams.  

An environment where employees have a voice facilitates the implementation of plans to develop the corporate culture. As an HR Manager, it is important to foster communication between department heads and the rest of the team as well as peer-to-peer. And a key step to achieving this is with tools that encourage communication. 

Talentia Software offers Social & Collaboration Software, an innovative solution to make collaboration and communication work more smoothly and dynamically. Talentia Social & Collaboration is designed to help start constructive conversations, promote transparency and bring teams together. With a social media-like design, the solution enables content sharing to generate discussion from key HCM data, such as employee performance data, for example. Giving employees a voice is easier with the Social & Collaboration solution.