Generative AI in Human Resources – Is This the Future?

November 13, 2023

Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming part of our everyday lives. With more and more Human Resources departments adopting hybrid working models and integrating AI tools to simplify daily tasks, the modern workplace evolves faster every year. Thanks to the use of time-saving AI-powered tools, you can achieve your business goals and stay ahead of the competition effortlessly.

In this post, you will learn about Open AI, HR transformation, interactive chatbots and virtual assistant tools, AI for data interpretation, and how generative AI can enhance communication within your organization.

What is Open AI?

Created by the American research company OpenAI, this technology comprises a suite of open-source software tools. They are designed to empower users to customize and adapt AI-powered applications to their respective organizations.

The communications, manufacturing and financial services sectors are projected to benefit the most from Open AI’s accessibility and streamlined capabilities. How can HR leverage AI?

Human Resources and business transformation

Many Human Resources professionals worldwide plan to increase their use of AI in the areas of employee performance, behavior and engagement. This represents a tremendous opportunity for your organization to learn in-depth insights and ways to transform your workforce. Here are three key ways to incorporate it:

  • Define the why, what and how of your HR department’s transformation.
  • Break activities into manageable steps, consider dependencies and set a realistic timeline.
  • Manage change with open communication at every stage by driving employee engagement and empowering managers to lead effectively.

By implementing these principles, you can bring world-class leadership, a modern operating model, forward-thinking competencies and integrated Human Resources technologies and analytics to your organization.

Interactive chatbots for enhanced user experience (UX)

HR departments must manage multiple tasks simultaneously and efficiently. On a typical day, you may spend much of your time answering questions during the onboarding process. This can have a huge effect on your overall productivity. An interactive chatbot could assist with this task and free up valuable time to focus on more challenging responsibilities.

With Talentia’s intelligent virtual assistant tool, you can ask Théo (via text or voice command) to answer questions, direct employees to internal pages such as policies and procedures and guide them through their tasks. They can access information faster and easier, reducing the burden on you as an HR manager and enhancing the UX experience for them.

AI for interpreting data

Candidate screening

Traditionally, candidate screening consisted of manually sorting through resumes, conducting initial phone screenings, scheduling interviews and performing evaluations. By using AI for these typical Human Resources tasks, it can easily and rapidly scan and rank candidates based on predetermined criteria. Your HR department can benefit from a faster, more accurate and highly efficient way to identify top talent and reduce the number of hidden candidates.

Analytics insights

AI can also provide very valuable insights and analytics for the HR industry. You may already be using an applicant tracking system (ATS), but finding a tool that can integrate with it is key. Achieving a balance between automation and human involvement can increase your chances of having a seamless experience.

Generative AI to help improve communication for HR managers

Talentia’s HCM Service Delivery offers customizable pages, so that your staff can access the information they need and have their questions answered immediately. In turn, you can see a boost in employee satisfaction and increased productivity. This easy-to-use generative AI tool is available in multiple languages and downloadable across all devices. Improve both internal and external communication in your Human Resources department today.