Gain efficiency with data analysis software tailored to your needs

August 23, 2019

Talentia simplifie la complexité RH

Today, the human resources function has never been so wide and important in companies. The image of the function that was limited to the scoring of delays or absences is over. From now on, HR departments will also have to manage employees’ careers and retain them in companies. A complex mission that can be facilitated by the use of data analysis software. 

The importance of choosing the right HR data analysis software

First of all, it is in the interest of companies to keep data on their employees who are still working and those who are no longer working, but also on the various valuable candidates. In addition, employee career tracking, incident reports, promotions, leave management, etc. are a major interest in data retention to facilitate research and analysis. This is the advantage they represent for the HR manager and their studies can be decisive in making decisions such as dismissals, early retirement, promotions or training. On the recruitment side, the same applies to information from unsuccessful candidates ; it can also be used in the event of urgent recruitment. With HR data analysis software, it’s possible to optimize the time spent studying employee files, especially for large organizations. It is therefore essential to choose this tool carefully. 

Which HR data analysis software to choose ?

Choosing the right HR data analysis software has become a major challenge for companies. It must provide the necessary functionalities to implement an internal mobility strategy and to inform company managers and employees in real time. HR has the ability to access all the data stored in the cloud, while employees are aware of everything that is happening internally in terms of recruitment, training, etc. Finally, HR data analysis software is also a major asset for senior executives.

This allows you to quickly find accurate information about employees. Managers will be able to conduct a thorough review of the data based on reliable and concise information collected in recent years. The tools created by data analysis experts are therefore recommended; they take into account the size of the company and its financial resources by offering adaptable functionalities. The best solutions are designed taking into account observed human resources trends : professionals will then have the tools to help them improve the effectiveness of their overall HR policy.

Customizable HR data

HR data software is now widely for all types of businesses. All companies of all sizes have the opportunity to improve the performance of their HR organizations. Such strategic tools can reduce losses, particularly those related to poor personnel management. For example, in the event of resignation or retirement, the vacant position will be quickly replaced internally or by recruitment.

At Talentia Software, we provide you with HR data analysis software adapted to your needs to enable you to perform your tasks under the best conditions. Thanks to this reference solution on the market, you will be able to access relevant indicators, guide your strategic choices, automate and reduce production times or improve the company’s collaborative performance.