Find your reference in budgeting software

December 11, 2019

Budgeting Software is intended to be a great support for budget consolidation and reporting. The key is to be able to find a publisher that can offer you a customized solution that meets your needs.

Budgeting is a complex and tedious task

Whether for a company as a whole or simply for a department, budgeting is often one of the most difficult tasks to carry out. This involves making various forecasts concerning expenditure and use of available funds on the one hand, and the search for main funding on the other. These operations require not only specific skills, but also a good understanding of the factors and elements that could potentially change the situation.

To facilitate all this work, the use of budgeting software is the first solution to do this work. For budget managers in the organization, the use of such a tool is strongly recommended provided it is adapted to their needs.

What is fiscal consolidation?

It is the set of data collected on the budget over a given period, usually during a financial year for the closing of the accounts. This data is then transformed into actionable information for financial managers, decision-makers and investors. All budgets of subsidiaries or companies affiliated to a group or consortium must also be taken into account and may, if necessary, be included in the parent company’s consolidated accounts. Consolidation provides a global view of the budgetary situation. This is a legal obligation of any commercial or public company when other structures are dependent on them. With the difficulty of data recovery and processing tasks, the use of budget consolidation and reporting software will simplify operations.

The specificities of a consolidation and budget reporting software

A budget consolidation and reporting software is a tool that supports the consolidation of budget items and reporting. This last task consists in giving a true picture of the company’s budgetary situation. For the company’s decision-making bodies, it is an essential decision-making tool in order to obtain a clear vision of the company’s performance. For budget management, consolidation and reporting software simplifies the collaborative work of all the company’s entities involved in budget consolidation. It enables real-time analysis and monitoring of the company’s operational performance and is responsible for carrying out the processing necessary to transform financial data into consolidated information.

Why adopt budgeting software?

At a time when a company’s differentiation and competitiveness with competitors depends on the relevance of its timely decision-making, it is in the best interest of financial departments to adopt budgeting software to save valuable time in planning and managing the company’s finances. The functionalities offered by these solutions improve performance through the automation of budgeting and the ability to model a company’s own process. Most budget preparation tools also include analysis, monitoring and anticipation tools to obtain relevant indicators to support decision-making.