Find the HRIS that you need

August 9, 2019

Version 10.2 de Talentia HCM

Nowadays, HR management software also known as HRIS is popular with human resources departments in companies. Such a tool has become a real asset for a total optimization of human capital performance and a high level of automation of human resources management activities. Here are the best practices to adopt and find yours.

Before to begin on the HRIS adventure, two steps are required before implementing a human resources management softwar. This begins with an assessment of the extent of the changes required in the business and a business case that the solution could lead to.  In a second step, it is a question of defining the processes to be revisited and then preparing them to be totally transformed.

Your HRIS must be a benefit only

As a service offer, the HRIS consists of several modules (expense reports, interviews, planning, absence, etc…) set up according to the specific needs of each company. The level of adaptability is high and evolves with her.

The HRIS has many benefits :

  • A great simplification and the possibility of grouping everyone’s tasks together is the one that is most quickly perceived as soon as it is implemented.
  • The ability to centralize all HR data is a real asset for the company’s performance. This allows a better monitoring of HR activity
  • An HRIS allows simplified communication between the company’s employees. Everyone can share documents, information etc. more easily… A facilitation that plays a role in the employer brand image.
  • It must be available 24 hours a day in SaaS mode and easily accessible from a browser. It makes it possible to work in complete mobility, thus facilitating HR processes and providing a better organization of work.
  • Finally, the HRIS must interact with the company’s other time-saving software.

Performance as a priority objective for HRIS

The large amount of data that can be analysed is a great asset for management and HR managers. These include compensation, performance and career management, and work planning for different teams and employees.

All these advantages allow the company to anticipate and refine human capital decision-making. Finally, the HRIS has the advantage of responding to the concerns of HR decision-makers and presenting itself as a real support.

  • For data security
  • For greater administrative efficiency
  • A better quality of HR services

What about Talentia Software’s HRIS ?

In order to best meet the challenges of the HR function, Talentia Software developed software solutions that can streamline and improve all HR processes.Among the solutions that we propose, the Time Management/Planning software is a revolutionary tool to automate the monitoring of attendance times. In addition, we have designed a payroll and personnel administration solution that allows you to automate and optimize different processes, regardless of the industry. Providing collaborative solutions for immediate and quantifiable benefits is Talentia Software’s goal. We intervene to manage innovations as close as possible to your company, build reliable and relevant information systems to meet business challenges.  Take advantage of our range of innovative tools to boost your human capital performance : Resource Management, Payroll and Personnel Administration, Separation Management, Talent Management, Organizational Chart, Analysis and Reporting.