Why should you use Talentia’s BI solution for finance?

To enable companies to continuously improve in the strategic area of Finance, analysts must pay particular attention to the information hidden in data generated by all kinds of operations. That’s why Talentia Software has developed its dedicated financial BI (Business Intelligence) software.

BI software: essential tools

Business Intelligence is nowadays a very familiar concept to companies wishing to improve their performance. In effect, BI makes it possible to use efficient software to optimize certain management tasks, in particular those relating to finance, accounting and organization. In addition to simplifying data and information analysis and audit tasks, BI is also an essential decision-making tool.

The dedicated financial BI software performs real-time monitoring of key metrics as well as analysis of financial, accounting and budgetary information, accounts payable and receivable, etc. – in short, all the data necessary for an in-depth examination of the company’s financial situation. The results will enable the company’s financial managers to design and implement the necessary measures to improve performance.

Measure and optimize your company’s financial performance

Analyzing accounting data, monitoring the company’s financial and operational profitability, carrying out forecasts – these are all challenges faced by finance departments. To anticipate future cash flow requirements, managers need effective tools that enable 360° visibility of relevant business information, together with in-depth analysis capabilities.

Dedicated finance BI software makes it possible to:

  • reduce budget creation times;
  • carry out decision analyses;
  • improve the reliability and speed of financial communication;
  • automate dashboard production;
  • perform simulations (monitoring, evaluation and analysis of indicators) in order to make more secure decisions;
  • organize the data collection and validation process;
  • simplify the production of financial reports.

In addition, the collaborative process enabled by this solution provides many advantages such as time savings, transparency, simplicity and cost-effectiveness (reduction of compliance costs).

Talentia Financial Performance, a complete Business Intelligence solution for financial departments

Talentia is recognized for its business management solutions, providing an efficient response to the needs of all types of business. Talentia has developed an extensive catalog of services designed to optimize financial management. Its solutions adapt to the ever-changing regulatory framework. A trusted partner for businesses, Talentia Software offers a comprehensive service including integration, training and support, to improve the productivity of client companies.

Talentia Financial Performance’s performance management software is a complete and collaborative solution consisting of several modular solutions that meet the strategic needs of finance departments. This dedicated BI software for finance departments provides assistance with:

  • plans, budgets and forecasts;
  • management reports;
  • mandatory consolidation;
  • intra-group reconciliation.

Talentia Budgeting & Planning provides you with a budget process optimization tool that can integrate into other financial functions (accounting system, consolidation system etc.). Meanwhile, Talentia Consolidation & Reporting helps automate the processing of financial data into consolidated information. It is also a set of tools designed to optimize analysis times, automate dashboard production, facilitate the creation of reports and improve the accuracy of forecasts, predictions and bottom-lines.

Available in SaaS mode, our solution is customizable: we offer you the option of only including the modules you absolutely need, and then adding others as your business grows.