Why should you choose Talentia’s consolidation software for your company?

Financial and accounting consolidation software is a tool that must be both effective and reliable. It is therefore important to choose the right supplier. Talentia Software, as both provider and integrator of software solutions for finance, accounting and human resources, is a partner you can trust to provide you with a reliable solution.

What is the purpose of financial consolidation software?

Financial consolidation software helps companies with multiple subsidiaries gain a clear overview of their financial health, i.e., a clear view of the financial health of the entire group consisting of the parent company and its various branches. It is a solution that simplifies the collection and processing of all the group’s data and financial information in a single accounting document. Although consolidation is only an obligation for large corporations with a turnover of over 30 million euros, it can also be useful for smaller groups since it provides a view of the company’s overall performance. The results of consolidation also constitute a useful decision-making tool. Given the complex nature of this operation and the large volume of data to be processed, the use of suitable consolidation software is highly recommended. This will also avoid errors.

Consolidation software: a vital decision-making tool

From a strategic point of view, consolidation software provides a much clearer view of the financial health of a group consisting of multiple subsidiaries. The data from financial consolidation constitutes reliable information that will enable the company to adopt more effective growth strategies. Therefore if, while consolidation must be carried out annually by law, it may be wise to carry it out at regular intervals of 3 or 6 months.

From an operational perspective, the use of consolidation software eliminates the risk of human error. It should be noted that the more subsidiaries there are, the greater the risk of error. The software is based on a fully controlled consolidation process, so that consolidation adjustments and/or eliminations can be made without any risk. As this operation is automated, you save time and are able to finish consolidating your accounts faster. In addition, there will be a significant increase in productivity, enabling accounting teams to optimize their working time.

Obtaining your consolidation software from a leading provider

Consolidating a group’s accounts is a particularly complex operation. Talentia Software is a leading European specialist provider of financial management solutions. For 25 years, we’ve been supporting businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to large corporations, by offering them powerful financial management tools designed to meet the needs of all types of companies. Choose from Talentia Software’s catalog of products designed to streamline the management of company finances. A trusted partner to businesses, Talentia Software offers a comprehensive service, including integration, training and technical assistance, to optimize the management of client companies. We also have the necessary expertise to design the most suitable consolidation software for your company.

We will also take care of directly integrating the software into your information system. Talentia Software also distinguishes itself with innovative solutions, thanks to the important role we ascribe to Research and Development. This ability to adapt is particularly necessary when it comes to coping with rapid changes to the scope of consolidation. With our consolidation software you can thus meet current needs while anticipating future changes. Finally, we will make it our duty to ensure a smooth transition for your employees. Training sessions will be scheduled to ensure that end users are entirely comfortable using the consolidation software provided to them.