Who should I contact to obtain intra-group operations management software ?

Intra-group operations management software should only be obtained from a professional. Talentia Software offers a wide range of management software dedicated to the field of finance and business accounting, as well as human resources.

Why obtain intra-group transaction management software from the provider?

The performance and effectiveness of tools such as intra-group management software is vital, and it would be unwise to obtain yours from a non-specialist. The manual processing of financial and accounting data from the companies of a single group, or the subsidiaries of a single corporation, is a complex and delicate task for which the margins of error must be zero. To ensure the reliability of data and the smooth running of various intra-group transaction processes, it is therefore necessary to find a control and monitoring tool that enables a clear and realistic view of each case. Contacting a software publisher is therefore the best way to obtain dedicated intra-group operations management software. This professional will be able to recommend software that meets your needs and business requirements perfectly.

Intra-group transactions: a major challenge for finance departments

‘Intra-group transactions’ refer to financial or commercial transactions involving two or more companies from within a single business group. At group level, these transactions can lead to an overstatement of profit and loss accounts or the recording of fictitious balance sheet items. Such a situation distorts the financial statements and therefore any analysis or decisions based on this information.

In addition, the very nature of these transactions may lead to differences in the accounts to be consolidated by the head office. The same transaction is effectively accounted for by several different people, on different dates and under various conditions (currency, tax etc.). In addition to a complex management process, these discrepancies also lead to significant delays in the accounting process due to the reconciliation that must be carried out before any closing of accounts.

Intra-group management software is therefore a real necessity in order to improve how these operations are managed. To reduce discrepancies and inconsistencies, the goal is to facilitate collaborative exchanges between entities throughout the accounting cycle. In particular, this makes it possible to verify the accuracy and reliability of information at an early stage in the process and thus save time when it comes to the final reconciliation

The expected practical benefits of a dedicated management solution

To be truly effective, a management solution must offer certain key features and characteristics. Among other things, it must reduce workloads and make processes more secure. The intra-group management software must first and foremost automate the declarations and reconciliations for these accounting operations, while also enabling a level of control over each step in the process. Similarly, it must enable exhaustive traceability of the reconciliations carried out, in order to perform checks when consolidating accounts later on. The tool must also facilitate the overall management of the group’s finances. Options for carrying out in-depth analyses on discrepancies are also important, as is a dashboard enabling an overview of the actions of the various entities involved in reconciliation.

A collaborative web portal dedicated to intra-group transactions, Talentia Financial Performance is the management solution developed by Talentia Software. Simple and easy to use, it optimizes communication and enables multi-cycle account reconciliation while also offering powerful control functions. Easily integrated into your information system, this solution provides a real boost to efficiency in the management of internal accounts.

Talentia Software is recognized for its expertise in the area of business management software, providing an effective response to the issues faced by SMEs as well as mid-sized and large companies. Talentia Software provides collaborative, scalable and intuitive software. A trusted partner to businesses, Talentia Software provides customized assistance as well as integration, training, and support to free its customers from any constraints in deploying its products. Talentia Software has created a suite of solutions to optimize financial performance management.