What are the needs of SMEs and large structures?

Small businesses and large corporations alike are looking for a solution allowing them to track the financial performance of their businesses. Most opt for turnkey solutions that include integration, training and support. This wise choice enables them to focus on activities with higher added value.

Financial management: a complex and delicate task

The financial management of a company, organization or association is a far from easy task, considering all the elements that have to be taken into account to ensure a realistic and clear vision of its financial health. It is a task that consists of collecting all accounting, financial and budgetary data or information and then analyzing it.
In the case of companies with subsidiaries and groups consisting of several companies, it is also necessary to consolidate data and information in order to provide an accurate overview of the financial situation.

This task can be outsourced to specialist firms, but it can also be done internally with the right tools. With the right financial management software, companies can take on and automate all or part of such operations. This option also saves time and reduces or even eliminates the risk of error.

Financial management software to quickly produce results

Given the various challenges they face in carrying out their duties, finance departments need a powerful tool to analyze, control, anticipate and make the right decisions. Managers need a solution that can help them optimize existing processes, provide reliable indicators, and produce quick results.

The features of the financial management software need to be adapted to meet the strategic challenges faced by the finance department. A modular solution is more suitable in this regard, since it meets current needs, can be scaled according to the company’s growth, and enables firm control of the operating budget. The best approach is to choose a collaborative, modular and configurable tool that enables the automation and optimization of processes.

In addition, financial experts recommend the use of a translated financial management solution that is adapted to meet international regulations.


Optimize your performance with Talentia Accounting Suite

Designed to assist financial departments in carrying out their daily tasks, Talentia Accounting Suite is a next-generation financial management software solution. Offering a complete range of tools to respond to all the issues you may face, our solution helps you optimize your performance.

Our software’s features cover:

  • Administrative and tax accounting: general accounting, financial analysis, VAT, tax package, asset and capital management …
  • Cash flow management: budgetary control, current account management, bank exchanges, classic and secure SEPA …
  • Auxiliary debtor management: invoicing, lettering, collection, dematerialization
  • Auxiliary creditor management: purchasing/stock management, payment processing, commitment management, workflow processes…
  • Auditing: KPI – key performance indicators, financial reporting and analysis, financial publications and communication…

Of course, you can define the modules to include in your solution based on your needs and budgetary constraints. And if your company has several subsidiaries, we can provide you with additional solutions to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and effective financial performance management: financial consolidation and reporting tools, solutions to manage the intra-group reconciliation process, tool to optimize the collection of social security data from the group’s entities, etc.

In order to meet the needs of all our clients, we have developed solutions available under license and as SaaS.