Human Resources Management software from Talentia

Human resources management is a delicate and complex task requiring competent professionals as well as efficient and suitable software. Talentia Software provides practical, cutting-edge tools to manage your company’s human capital.

Why use a human resources management software?

Human resources management is one of the most complex administrative functions that companies must carry out. It is an especially laborious process at companies with several hundred employees. It involves a wide variety of tasks, from absence and leave monitoring to payroll management, benefits and training planning, as well as all kinds of employee performance management.

Manually carrying out these operations at a large company can quickly become both laborious and time-consuming, and requires a specific skill-set. With human resources management software tailored to your company, you can give your HR department a tool to significantly reduce workload, thus making it more efficient at carrying out its various duties. Among other things, this solution makes it possible to automate all or part of your administrative operations while also efficiently reducing the risk of error.


Human resources management software to optimize processes

Human resources management software thus provides practical tools to facilitate navigation of the HR pathway, from the recruitment stage to separation. Managers have everything they need to make informed decisions when they need to:

  • Enrich the organization with new talent
  • Manage resources in order to contribute to the success of the company’s projects
  • Develop and retain the best talent
  • Identify and assist employees in difficulty
  • Ensure efficient management of the separation process

The solution is also often offered together with an HR reporting and decision-making tool. Offering optimum real-time visibility of all strategic HR data, this tool enables a better understanding of the relevant information, making it easier to make decisions.


About Talentia HR Suite

Finding the right human resources management software to meet the HR department’s needs can be a real concern for every company. Aware of the needs and constraints of companies of all sizes, we have developed a modular and upgradeable solution that covers the entire employee life-cycle.

With Talentia HR Suite, your HR managers are able, among other things, to:

  • Optimize how the recruitment process is managed
  • Model organizational and legal structures, create a complete national or international database, manage transfer histories for individuals or groups of employees, and consolidate data
  • Create organization charts based on the links between employees, positions or organizational units, explore new ideas by modifying key posts or transferring departments or individuals
  • Retain your company’s high performers, evaluate skills, draw up training plans, and motivate your employees with career plans and internal advancement opportunities
  • Develop an effective wage policy and establish pay review plans
  • Anticipate and smoothly manage departures from strategic positions, understand and analyze the reasons for departures.

We also offer a ‘Survey’ tool to collect information about employee expectations, opinions and most of all priorities. This information provides indicators to identify and resolve problems that may affect the company’s performance.