How to streamline your company’s financial management?

Corporate groups need a powerful solution to streamline financial management at their businesses. This software needs to optimize the group’s payment and cashflow management and adapt smoothly to rapidly changing regulations.

Payment and cashflow management in a corporate group

Corporate payment and cashflow management operations can be complex. From the gathering of data from each subsidiary or company in the group, to the publication of results reflecting the group’s performance, via the processing, analysis and consolidation of information, the tasks involved can quickly become both tedious and time-consuming. They also require specific expertise, given the volume of data and information that must be taken into account.

Carrying out such tasks manually is therefore an uphill battle with high risks of error or omission. That’s why using dedicated payment and cashflow management software is the most appropriate solution for large corporations. This type of tool not only saves time, but also eliminates oversights and errors, and most of all provides a realistic view of the group’s financial situation and cash position.

Software-based payment and cashflow management is hugely beneficial to corporations

When a company reaches a certain size and encompasses several establishments, the finance department becomes saddled with a heavy workload as it processes all payments (suppliers, payroll etc.), ensures the availability of the necessary funds, and prepares financial reports.

That’s why many groups use payment and cashflow forecasting software.

When it comes to payments, computerizing the supply chain helps streamline processes, from purchase decisions to expenditure, in particular through the automation of payment approvals and the use of automated document scanning. This tailored management of the entire cycle is accompanied by an optimization of expenses and stocks and enables real-time budget monitoring. This also applies to customer inflows and payroll.

When it comes to cashflow, all companies are now finding it strategically beneficial to be able to reliably anticipate inflows and outflows in terms of cash and asset movements. Here, too, incorporating a reliable forecasting tool into the organization’s IT system makes it possible to manage cash surpluses and deficits on a daily basis and rapidly make the necessary adjustments.

By taking advantage of multi-criteria combined analyses (establishment, bank, currency etc.), finance departments can, among other things, limit the risk of overdraft by automating inter-account transfers. This continuous account balancing immediately reduces financial expenses and optimizes investment management.

This efficient cashflow management ensures reliability and traceability, both of which are vital in the highly sensitive area of cash management.

Talentia Software, a publisher of payment and cashflow management software for corporations

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