How to manage professional interviews for employees?

Under the French Labor Code, companies are required to offer their employees professional interviews every two years. For the management of these professional interviews, whether they are one-to-one meetings, annual reviews or evaluations, you will need the right software. Talentia Software, a producer of business performance management solutions, offers you Talentia People Development, a tool designed to facilitate HR management.

How is professional interview management software useful?

The purpose of the legal requirement to conduct a professional interview every two years is to ensure that every employee can develop their career. This requirement applies to all people working at a company, regardless of their position or the type of employment contract they signed.

In addition to addressing career development, this legally-required interview also makes it possible to establish training requirements. The employer is then able to ensure that skills are transferred in a strategic manner.

These interviews should not be taken lightly and require preparation. The HR manager draws up questionnaires in advance, which are designed to enable an assessment of the interview’s results after it has been carried out.

To make your job easier, and especially since professional interviews need to be carried out regularly, it is wise to invest in dedicated software for managing these interviews. Firstly, a solution of this kind will help you organize your work more effectively. You will have access to software capable of digitizing the questions you will ask applicants and the responses from your employees. The archiving feature is also very useful for consulting older data.

If this kind of application is what you’re looking for, then choose professional interview management software from Talentia Software.

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