How to manage consolidation fast and easily?

Rapid consolidation software is crucial for today’s businesses, given the importance of the tasks it is used to perform. Talentia Software, a provider and integrator of management solutions for financial, accounting and HR departments, offers a rapid consolidation solution.

Financial and accounting consolidation: a delicate task

Consolidating the financial or accounting data and information of a company and its subsidiaries, or of a large group of companies, is far from easy. Given the large volume of data, figures and information to be taken into consideration, the task requires not only specific skills, but also a great deal of time. The collection, processing and consolidation of data are particularly complex, tedious and time-consuming operations. In addition, carrying out these kinds of tasks manually can be an uphill battle.

Using rapid consolidation software is therefore the most practical and cost-effective solution. Not only is the risk of error clearly reduced or even eliminated entirely – a considerable amount of time is also saved. However, to benefit from the advantages of such a tool, it is recommended to obtain it only from a specialist, in particular a software provider, who will also be able to integrate it into your information system for you.

The numerous advantages of rapid consolidation software

Rapid consolidation software is a tool specifically designed to help the company’s finance manager work faster without making mistakes. Consolidation software is far more practical than traditional accounting software because it automates calculations and the implementation of consolidation methods. These options enable you to save time with complete peace of mind, due to the reliability of the results obtained. With a traditional accounting solution, it isn’t possible to create multiple consolidation variants based on a single data set, and when the work is carried out manually, errors and omissions can distort calculations and force managers to redo their accounts until the results tally.

Rapid consolidation software avoids omissions related to equity accounting and conversion differences. The corporate situation of each subsidiary must be taken into account, and the tools available make it possible to perform all these tasks more quickly but also without error, and obtain reliable results. This solution also features a bundling system that makes it easier to integrate data from a subsidiary, even if the accounting models and standards used are not the same.

Personalized and efficient rapid consolidation software

By working with a combined provider and integrator of rapid consolidation software, you can benefit from tailored support and enjoy all the features that will improve your company’s accounting processes. A qualified expert will help you determine all your needs in order to provide you with modern and more efficient tools. Thanks to our secure and rigorous process, audit controllers at your company will be reassured by the modernity of the solutions used, which in a sense guarantees the reliability of the data, and faster progress.

Talentia Software is a leading European provider of business management solutions that are designed to meet the needs of administrative departments at all types of companies. Talentia Software’s products and services are designed to meet the needs of organizations in a variety of sectors. Talentia Software has designed a suite of solutions to streamline the management of company finances. The partner of choice for businesses, Talentia Software offers tailored support, including integration, training and assistance, allowing clients to refocus on their core business.

Talentia Software offers rapid consolidation software that meets your expectations. The customized solutions presented to you are developed by a qualified and experienced project manager. Once deployed, these easy-to-use tools will be available to all members of your company’s finance team. The autonomy of financial managers is very important, enabling them to make sound decisions at any time based on the available data.