How to make the right choice regarding financial consolidation and reporting software?

An essential financial management tool, consolidation and reporting software should be chosen carefully given the nature of the work that it will be used to carry out. Talentia Software provides solutions and tools for the fields of finance, accounting and human resources, for SMEs and large corporations alike.

Financial consolidation and reporting: two delicate tasks

Large companies and corporate groups with multiple national or international subsidiaries will derive great benefit from using consolidation and reporting software to facilitate their financial and accounting management. Consolidation and reporting involves unifying the financial and accounting data and information from all subsidiaries and the parent company in order to obtain an overall view of the company’s financial and accounting situation. These two tasks are particularly time-consuming and tedious to carry out manually given the amount of data to be collected and processed, and the complexity of establishing the reporting system. In addition, there is a real risk of error, while the results of the consolidation must be fully accurate. Further, these results are essential decision support tools for the company’s financial managers and decision-makers.

Facilitate the consolidation and reporting process using specialized software

It is necessary to turn to a specialist provider of financial software if you are looking to install consolidation and reporting software. Consolidating a group’s accounts is a complex process that requires real accounting skills in order to avoid errors that can be highly damaging for the group.

Further, managing consolidation adjustments and/or eliminations can be a lengthy process, particularly if the group has many subsidiaries. Consolidation and reporting software thus not only saves a great deal of time, but most importantly prevents human error through the use of a controlled and automated process.

Entrust the implementation of your consolidation and reporting software to an expert

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And to develop ever more innovative software solutions and keep up with technological developments, Talentia Software invests a significant portion of its turnover in Research and Development. We can thus meet the needs of companies of all sizes, from SMEs to large international groups, with our efficient consolidation and reporting software. In addition to its design expertise, Talentia Software has all the technical skills necessary to integrate software at your company. Finally, our staff will carefully train all end users to ensure a smooth start-up.