How to free yourself from payroll processing operations?

Outsourcing payroll processing is the most appropriate solution if you want to free yourself from the many procedures and operations involved in preparing and calculating payroll. The key is to choose a service that corresponds to your specific needs (complete control of your data and processing systems) and brings you measurable financial benefits.

Outsourcing payroll: What are the advantages ?

Outsourcing involves entrusting payroll processes to an external provider, which may be a certified accountant or a firm. It requires the company to regularly send the documents necessary to generate payslips and make the necessary related declarations.

The first advantage is controlling costs. Hiring an internal payroll manager means the company has to pay an employee and invest in software. The latter usually requires the purchase of a license and regular upgrades, while hiring an employee means recruitment, training, the risks of absence and illness, etc. However, by opting to outsource payroll, the company frees itself from all these constraints.

The company also receives a high-quality service. Everything is done in a timely manner, without depending on just one person. The provider provides a punctual service and remains available at all times. Moreover, they guarantee that all payroll procedures are fully compliant with regulations, including social security declarations. Their experience means that the law is applied properly despite the complexity of the legislation.

Finally, when payroll is the responsibility of the HR department, it can quickly become a tedious and time-consuming task, preventing it from focusing on high value-added aspects such as skills management or recruitment. Payroll outsourcing thus significantly contributes to the company’s performance.

Choosing your external payroll service provider

Choosing an external payroll manager to is not easy. To do so, it is first necessary to clearly define the tasks they will be assigned. Avoid peaks to avoid delays in receiving payroll documents. Otherwise, certain basic criteria should be taken into consideration.

Experience remains a critical asset: years of practice ensure service providers are familiar with the legal framework as well as the details governing the relationships with the payment-collecting bodies. Also remember to discuss the company’s capacity and flexibility. It is important to receive the payslips by the planned dates – the provider must have the human and technical resources to ensure this happens.

To assess the quality of a company’s payroll outsourcing services, it’s worth consulting their client references. To do this, visit their website, which should contain information about previous work and client feedback. Otherwise, you can always contact previous clients and discuss things with them directly to be sure about your choice.

Talentia Software, an HR software developer, provides outsourcing services through its Talentia BPO solution. Payroll processing is handled by dedicated teams trained in business processes. Prioritizing the quality and safety of our service, we have chosen a flexible approach that can adapt to your needs. It is therefore our duty to keep abreast of regulatory and legislative developments and make any required changes to the configuration of your payroll solution.

Our Talentia BPO solution will bring you many measurable benefits: cost control (package can be adapted to your business), time saving, flexibility, security, autonomy, etc.

Our primary concern is to support you as you grow. With this in mind, we want to make your transformation easier by making HR and payroll one of the backbones of your company’s success.