How to create payslips easily?

Whether you’re a company director or a human resources manager, you’ll no longer need to waste time manually drawing up your employees’ payslips. Payslip generation software now exists to help improve your efficiency. Discover the solution provided by Talentia Software.

Payroll management: a delicate task

Payroll managers at SMEs or large companies have their work cut out for them, especially if there is a high number of employees and lots of variation in the amounts and specific details of payslips. They need to be able to keep track of any advances paid, check the various payroll deductions and allocations (supplementary insurance and other employee savings plans for example) and generate each payslip in accordance with each employee’s situation.

This can, therefore, become a time-consuming and laborious task. However, these days it is possible to automate all or part of a company’s payroll management operations using a software solution, including payslip generator software. This type of tool provides vital assistance, not only preventing wage calculation errors but also saving time during the payslip generation process.

Choosing a payslip generation solution that suits your needs

Basic payroll software has features enabling input, calculation and payslip generation. Companies that wish to manage their human capital and payroll more efficiently usually opt for a solution with other additional features to meet the other needs of the HR department (recruitment, contract management, separation process, etc.).

In every case, it is important to choose software which is suitable for the number of employees and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements. It is also advisable to opt for a scalable solution that can keep up with the company’s growth.

If the company wants a tool to automate and optimize human resource management processes, a global solution covering the entire employee life cycle is more appropriate. Managers will then have software that provides them with comprehensive knowledge of the human capital.


Talentia Payroll, the software which automates your payslip generation

Talentia Software is the leading European developer of business management solutions that are specially designed to meet the needs of administrative departments at the business of all sizes.

A true partner to your growing business, Talentia offers a comprehensive service, from integration to training and technical assistance to enable you to focus on higher added-value activities.

Talentia has a huge catalog of solutions to simplify how you keep track of your company’s finances, in full compliance with frequently-changing legislation.

One of these solutions is Talentia HR Suite. This tool features a modular structure and offers a choice of various features:

  • Recruitment: identifying needs, publishing offers, streamlining selection stages, etc.
  • Payroll and personnel administration: payroll processing, administrative processing of employee records, management of positions, jobs and skills, organization of hierarchical and interdepartmental connections
  • Time and planning management: optimizing and planning resources, managing activities, swipe cards
  • Separation process: management of controlled and uncontrolled departures

We are also able to supplement your payslip generation software with our payroll management and budgeting solution. This module makes it possible to simulate personnel turnover and payroll and create hypothetical budgets. It is also possible to automate monthly budget reviews, analyze management gaps, develop social indicators and budget forecasts, and import data from any other information system

To ensure each of our clients has access to a solution that meets its requirements and budget, we offer our software under license and on a SaaS basis. We also take responsibility for integrating your software.