How to choose an HR Software that suits my company?

HR management software is an increasingly popular choice with human resources departments. It is a key tool to completely optimize how your human capital performs. A specialist in business management, Talentia Software provides you with efficient, reliable solutions that are tailored to all your needs.

About Talentia HR software

Talentia Software is a leading European provider of business management software, specially designed to meet the needs of administrative departments at all kinds of companies. A trusted partner, our company offers tailored support in addition to integration, training and technical assistance to free our clients from any constraints in implementing our products. We have developed an extended line of solutions in order to simplify the management of the company’s finances.

In addition, to meet the needs of HR departments as effectively as possible, Talentia Software has developed software solutions that can streamline and improve recruitment processes.

Our HR software is designed to support performance from recruitment to separation (retirement, dismissal, resignation…) which is vital to developing effective human capital management. As a recruitment tool, it is equipped with specific features enabling companies to monitor applicants during the application process, manage the selection process, and automatically gather all applications received by the company in one place.

Our software’s features are not limited to simply managing recruitment. It is also an analysis tool capable of anticipating vacancies and identifying needs. Another distinctive feature of this HR tool is its ability to objectively propose the ideal profile for a position and then begin the onboarding process. To do this, it identifies, analyzes and cross-references the performance indicators for each application in order to streamline the decision-making process.

An extended service

Supporting human capital performance means not only managing administrative aspects but also and most importantly developing a long-term strategic vision. With this in mind, we have developed a human resources solution package to make it easier for businesses to analyze, monitor, anticipate and decide.

Among the solutions we offer, our Time/Planning management software is a revolutionary tool that can automatically monitor employee attendance times and count hours of absence, in accordance with the company’s regulations.

We have also designed a pay and administration management solution which enables you to automate and optimize your processes, whatever the area of business.

At Talentia Software our goal is to offer collaborative solutions for immediate and quantifiable benefits. We thus work closely with your company to manage these innovations and build reliable and useful information systems to serve your business goals.

Use our range of innovative tools to boost your human capital performance: Resource Management, Personnel Pay and Administration, Separation Management, Talent Management, Organizational Chart, Analysis, and Reporting.

Also discover our accounting solutions for managing your company’s financial performance: budgeting software, Consolidation/Reporting, Intra-group, Financial Consolidation Solution, accounts.