How could you analyze, control and anticipate in your financial processes?

Business leaders need a complete and proactive view of financial data to make the best decisions. Using financial dashboard software is thus recommended, particularly since such solutions enable the analysis and monitoring of financial information and help anticipate the scenarios and risks that may result from the decisions they are going to make.

What are financial dashboards for?

Throughout the accounting and financial year, a variety of data and information is gathered and analyzed to provide a clear and objective vision of the company’s financial health. This data is recorded on financial dashboards that will be provided to the company’s management as well as to key decision-makers. In certain cases, financial partners, including current or potential future investors, may also be given access to these documents.

Of course, creating financial dashboards without appropriate software would be both time-consuming and tedious. Given the large volume of information and data to take into account, particularly if the company has multiple activities or subsidiaries, manually carrying out this task will be an uphill battle with a high risk of error. And yet, as a management and decision-making tool, these documents must be free from error and accurately reflect the company’s situation.

Financial dashboard software: what are the benefits?

Companies investing in financial dashboard software benefit from a tool that makes their financial production system more professional. The data used is reliable and ensures compliance of reporting. This system also enables the sharing of financial knowledge as well as the monitoring of any operations undertaken. Managers are provided with a simplified communication tool consisting of dashboards that are vital to the general management of the company’s finances. It should also be noted that many tasks are automated to ensure the speed and reliability of data.

Financial dashboard software helps professionalize data production and dissemination in order to improve business performance. Senior managers responsible for financial operations can consult a library of modeled indicators that enable them to track all financial transactions (loans, expenditure, investment, profit, etc.). Every month, several dashboards are created to facilitate the control and monitoring of activities. With this data, managers can plan ahead and make the best decisions to achieve their company’s financial objectives. Reports can be created in readily accessible formats (PDF, Excel, CSV) before being exported. It should be noted that financial data integration is one of the tasks that is automated to ensure faster production.

Financial dashboard solutions from Talentia Software

Recognized for its business management solutions, Talentia Software has developed a software suite to optimize financial performance management. This solution, which ensures compliance with ever-changing regulations, will help you achieve results quicker and efficiently control your cashflow and costs.

The financial dashboard solution from Talentia Software stands out due to the excellent performance of its wide range of features. It provides a complete and accurate view of your company’s economic data. Using this information, managers are able to provide a more efficient analysis and plan for various scenarios via accurate simulations. These analyses also make it easier to control data and reduce margins of error. Benefit from the experience of the group’s experts to improve your company’s financial performance.

Our solution is designed to improve the reliability of your financial communication, since it takes into account the technical needs and financial resources of each client. A true partner, Talentia offers personalized support that includes integration, training and technical assistance.