Best cloud-based payroll software?

Cloud-based payroll software makes it easier to carry out payroll-related tasks. Talentia Software offers you a powerful, scalable and cost-effective solution.

Payroll management: a delicate task

Payroll management is the responsibility of human resources departments, and is one of their most complex and laborious tasks. It is particularly difficult if the company has a large number of employees. Numerous aspects must be taken into account when calculating the sums due to each employee at the end of each month, and these must be recorded as and when necessary (gross amount, various deductions, advances already received, various payments into employee savings accounts, etc.). It is not therefore possible to create a one-size-fits-all payslip.

One of the many benefits of cloud-based payroll software is that it simplifies the recording of specific transactions and the calculations needed to generate the payslip, as well as the creation and issuing of the payslip itself. These tasks are automated, meaning the risk of error is almost zero, while significantly saving time.

The advantages of cloud-based payroll software

It is becoming less and less common to obtain or use standard payroll tools by paying a license fee. These days, with cloud-based payroll software (or SaaS, Software as a Service), all tasks are carried out on an external platform in exchange for a monthly or annual subscription, which provides multiple benefits.

Firstly, the software is installed on the provider’s web hosting server, reducing storage space constraints for the client company. The software company is also responsible for the security of the stored data, maintenance and upgrades in response to regulatory or tax changes and technological developments.

Since billing is based on usage, with no extra fees, the company minimizes and controls costs while having access to the application and its archives 24 hours a day.

Another advantage is that deployment is very fast, since it generally requires only a simple functional configuration and allows for the possibility of returning to an on-premise setup at the end of the commitment period.

The service provider does, of course, provide basic user training, and technical support (most often via a hotline available during business hours) is usually included in the price.

Talentia Software offers powerful cloud-based payroll software

Talentia Software is recognized for its business management software, offering an efficient response to the needs of businesses of all sizes. As well as being a well-known developer and integrator of business software solutions, Talentia Software is also a trusted partner for companies wishing to adopt cloud payroll software.

Our solution allows you to maintain control over your payroll activity internally, while benefiting from the advantages of outsourcing IT processes to the cloud.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the field of Business Performance Management systems, we provide a tailored response to your needs. Talentia Software offers personalized support as well as integration, training, and support to enable companies to focus on their core business. The rich functionality of our payroll tool is combined with the skills, helpfulness and commitment of our teams across Europe.

Thanks to our expert advice, you can define the optimal coverage of your needs and configure the various tools according to your own internal rules. This ergonomic application is also integrated with other programs to ensure the harmonized and smooth management of human resources: personnel administration, time management and planning, payroll management, etc. You can even outsource all administrative processing of your payroll.

A true partner of companies, Talentia Software has designed a suite of solutions to facilitate the monitoring of financial performance, while complying with extremely changeable legislation. Contact us now and join the 3,600 companies of all types, sizes and sectors around the world that have already trusted us to help them increase flexibility and efficiency and lower costs.