Accounting software: a specialist provider at your service

Obtaining accounting software is an effective solution to ensure optimal management of your financial data. However, it can still be difficult to find an effective and suitable tool when there are so many offers on the market – hence the appeal of obtaining it from an experienced and knowledgeable provider. A leading provider of business management solutions, Talentia Software offers extensive service combined with real-time support.

Why use accounting software?

In carrying out its duties, the Finance Department is responsible for a large number of important tasks that are both complex and time-consuming. Providing it with technical support, in particular an accounting software solution, is therefore vital to optimize the organization of existing processes. This tool makes it possible to cover all the points relating to optimizing the company’s performance:

  • accounting and financial management;
  • customer account management;
  • cashflow forecasting;
  • tax return;
  • managing purchases and liabilities;
  • supply chain processing;
  • accounting audits and controls;
  • asset management;
  • accounting review.

However, it is best to opt for a modular and scalable solution. This will provide you with features that evolve to match your growing business and, as a result, your changing needs.

About Talentia Software

Talentia Software is recognized for its business management solutions for companies of all sizes, from SMEs to mid-sized and large companies. The partner of choice for companies, our group offers a comprehensive service, including integration, training, and technical assistance, enabling companies to focus on value-generating activities. Our products include solutions designed to simplify the monitoring of a company’s finances and software that complies with fast-changing legislation.

Talentia Software: software that meets the needs of accounting departments

A modular accounting and financial management solution, our software gives your finance department a comprehensive and proactive view of the company’s economic data. Analysis, control, planning and decision-making all become easier with the features it provides.

Translated and adapted to international regulations, our solution provides a reliable response to all the challenges faced by accounting and finance teams:

  • Administrative and tax accounting: this module covers general accounting, financial analysis, tax returns, consultation and publication of legally required statements, VAT, the DAS2 statement and management of funds and fixed assets. It also offers multi-legislation support (more than 15 countries).
  • Debtor assistant: this helps optimize the recovery of trade receivables, and therefore cash inflows: billing, collection, entry matching, reminders, recovery, disputes, analysis (Ratios, DSO, Aged Balance etc.).
  • Creditor assistant: this module automatically handles processes for managing and monitoring suppliers: managing commitments, managing purchases and stock, monitoring payment approval processes, processing payments and entry matching, dematerializing billing, workflow processes, managing expense accounts and analysis (Ratio, DSO, disbursement forecast etc.).
  • Cashflow management: forecasting, automatic account-to-account transfers, banking communication (SEPA, Ebics TS), bank reconciliation, interest scales, current account management.
  • Auditing: this module provides general accounting analysis as well as dedicated third-party accounting analysis (customer and supplier relationship management).
  • Accounting review: management of the entire process.
  • Asset management: this module provides you with tools to optimize analytical management (processing and monitoring of fixed assets, detailed and configurable analyses, etc.).

All these tools enable the finance department to act directly and efficiently on the basis of your company’s quantifiable and measurable results.