Ensuring the HR performance requires a complete HCM solution

November 17, 2020

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The Covid-19 crisis is currently pushing the digitalisation of the HR function to the top of the priority list. In fact, a recent Aberdeen Study highlights the importance for companies to implement a complete Human Capital Management (HCM) solution.

Today’s HRDs are confronted with multi-dimensional and exponential complexity. This complexity, therefore, concerns organizational, transformation and optimisation technological and strategic challenges to support the company’s organic or external growth.

One of the main problems of the HR function is not having the people data in real-time. This lack of information has a negative impact on the HR department since it slows down the entire decision-making process. In fact, in the current situation, where chaos may arrive in different ways (an outbreak of COVID-19 in the staff, new protocols from one day to another, online communication, digital workplace), having a 100% digitalized HR department and a single source of truth platform, are crucial to ensure the normal business running.

This is a powerful reason why, according to the Aberdeen research (link to Aberdeen site), HR departments are adopting an HCM strategy. As a result, changes in the business model will be smoother, and we will optimize the performance and productivity of the teams.

The major needs of the HR function

At the top of the list is the need for the HR function to improve their employees retention. This includes managing the cost of internal retention factors based on training, reducing recruitment time and limiting employee turnover rates. The key HR metrics for managing these strategic business values are:

  • Job satisfaction,
  • Employee wellbeing, with particular attention to professional and financial satisfaction. (Source : Aberdeen)

Aberdeen Top metrics to the HR Organization

Talentia supports your HR digitalisation process

Talentia HCM is designed to adapt perfectly to the current needs of HR departments. It is a great help to gain more agility in the team, in front of an uncertain and changing context, due to the COVID-19. So, the solution covers all the areas:

HR Administration

The HRIS improves your productivity, increase your visibility, reduce your time spent with process automation and drive the engagement of your employees.


The tool accelerates recruiting cycles and promote internal mobility. Automate your processes to work more efficiently and streamline screening with AI. Artificial Intelligence can match with tests and video interviews.


Performance management software is the best way to understand your employees. The tool can develop strategic planning for employees, support them in their development into tomorrow’s leaders, improve their engagement and retain your best talents.

Learning & Development

The software Talentia Training management is essential in order to engage your people, increase their performance and stay competitive. The tool can develop a culture of learning, learn on the go anytime and anywhere, foster growth and development. The software optimizes the management of courses for quick, easy and effective management.

Talentia Pay review

Talentia Pay review software is a collaborative HRIS for automate and simplify the pay review process. The tool can automate the compensation activities, errors, improved retention of your employees and increased accuracy and efficiency of your operations.

Talentia HR Intelligence

Talentia HR intelligence delivers standard reports, analytics and dashboards. The tool support to make better and more informed decisions faster.