Empowering Equity Transparency and Consistency with HCM software

November 20, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic reawakened HR’s need for data and analytics for workforce planning, including real-time data on absenteeism and employee morale, as well as the ability to anticipate and execute furlough, PTO and return-to-work events. In a recent study Gartner predicts that by 2025, around 60% of global midsize and large enterprises will have invested in an HCM solution.  In addition, interest in HR SaaS is growing as more companies recognize the measurable business value of a platform-based approach.

Keep reading to learn more about how HCM software can help build trust as well as increase transparency and consistency in the workplace. At Talentia, we can help set your organization on the right path to achieving these goals through sustainable HR practices.

3 Pillars of sustainable HR

1. Transparency

Organizations can attract professionals who are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental and social impacts of their actions. Employees seek out workplaces that share similar values and being transparent about how your company operates can strengthen the bond between you and your team. An ESG report represents one of the avenues through which an organization can disclose its environmental, social and governance impacts.

2. Trust

People who feel they are making a difference where they work are more likely to be engaged and motivated to do their best work. If your staff do not see themselves reflected in your company’s values, no amount of money can retain them. Building and maintaining trust with HCM software requires ongoing work and serious commitment.

Some of the ways you can build trust organically include:

  • Listening to employees
  • Providing them with clear goals and a growth mindset
  • Rewarding them when they perform well
  • Pointing them towards helpful resources and coaching when they need assistance

3. Consistency

HCM software can help you manage regulatory requirements by allowing you to pre-program alerts for expiring certifications with the click of a button. It provides the support you need to ensure your hiring process is compliant and your team’s certifications are always up to date.

HCM software that facilitates fair and data-driven decision making

Young professionals are looking for the most equitable forms of compensation when it comes to negotiating their salary and employee benefits packages. Unlock your teams’ potential and increase engagement with recognition through fair and accurate decisions.

With Talentia’s fully integrated HCM software, you can set scoring rules based on feedback given or received to earn points. Points can then be tied to awards and badges based on performance and the amount earned. Finally, you can monitor your staff’s results in a Teamview dashboard to help recognize, motivate, incentivize and increase productivity.