Employee’s Onboarding: How to improve employee’s welcoming and accelerate taking up a new position

March 3, 2022

Onboarding process

Onboarding process management is key for every company to maximize the efficiency of new talent acquisition. For every new employee, organizations attempt to reduce time to take a position and to be efficient.

It’s also a good way to quickly discover if the selected candidate is not as suitable as it should be for the role.

Some figures about onboarding

The Human Capital Institute carried out a new study and revealed that 58% of onboarding activities focus mainly on procedures and administrative tasks rather than on the new employee.

A Gallup survey has also revealed that 88% of people interviewed aren’t satisfied with their onboarding experiences. Not a big surprise: in many companies, HR departments still use old approaches to onboard.

What happens when we run the onboarding process manually?

When the HR department does not digitalize the onboarding process:

  • Few tasks are automated.
  • The process is mainly paper-based.
  • The training given to the new employee is highly time-consuming.
  • Also, the organization could be difficult due to remote activities. 
  • We cannot track communications with other departments.
  • There is no clear planning, as training is not previously set, and each employee will follow a different approach depending on the mentor they have. 
  • HR cannot monitor the process and feedback.

We can compare the employee onboarding to an art gallery visit. It can be guided through supporting tools (brochures, audio guides, etc.) or with the help of an expert. In the same way, a new employee could be guided through planned activities to ensure a successful and engaging experience.

This is how Talentia HCM solution works to simplify employee onboarding.

The benefits of Talentia HCM for onboarding

Talentia HCM helps companies to deliver to the new employee the best first impression and welcoming experience.

Talentia HCM platform has many functionalities to maximize the onboarding experience.

The first step is planning: you can define different onboarding programs and associate people to the most appropriate program.

Thus, Talentia HCM meets the need to customize the user experience for every new hire.

Here is a list of configurable elements you can play with Talentia HCM:

  • Targeted teams and roles
  • Validation Periods
  • Custom home page for self-service
  • Checklist counters

The HR department can easily enroll new hires into dedicated adapted onboarding programs. Besides, it is possible to make a massive enrollment according to some defined filters/criteria.

Interactions and feedback

During the integration process, the new employee gets in touch with the new working environment and teams.

Through the HCM platform, colleagues can interact, write welcome messages and give feedback on the work. This Continuous Feedback functionality has familiar social-like usability. So, it is easy to use and increases engagement and the sense of team belonging.

The last step in the new employee’s journey is the onboarding feedback survey. This feedback is valuable information for the HR team in order to put in place the best possible onboarding process to meet employees’ needs and company goals.

Onboarding: a key HR process to align employees with the company’s strategy and expectations

  • Digitalized onboarding process allows to quickly align employees with the company’s strategy and goals.
  • Optimized onboarding process improves new talent acquisition welcoming and accelerates taking up a position.
  • Well managed onboarding process simplify new employee alignment with the company’s culture, dynamics, practices, and codes of communication
  • Successful Onboarding process = successful new talent integration.
  • With an onboarding solution from Talentia HCM, create the best welcoming experience and reduce the time for new talent to efficiently take their job.