Economic recovery in spring 2021 is already underway

July 5, 2021

After a year of pandemic, everyone is looking forward to a return to normal life. The recovery plan is a source of hope, and in fact, economic recovery is already underway. According to the latest survey by METI – Mouvement des Entreprises de Taille Intermédiaire, 30% of mid-cap companies have already returned to their pre-crisis levels, and 38% of them are expecting an increase in human resources in 2021.

The Government has deployed a 100 billion euro plan which is supposed to accelerate the recovery and allow companies to innovate, transform themselves, and commit to digital, ecological, and AI issues. This historic effort has been made to accelerate business competitiveness. Should we release these sums? Absolutely. Any crisis should bring along its share of reflections and transformations. Now is a good time to rethink our business models, but also to take advantage of what hasn’t worked in the past to quickly implement agents of change and growth… Economic recovery will depend on both our individual and corporate abilities to reinvent ourselves and to leverage new technologies including digital ones to develop our agility.

Although dramatic, the health crisis has been an opportunity for transformation for all companies. Some major projects such as corporate reorganization, innovation, change of business model, drastic change in work codes, and massive integration of digital technology for the benefit of productivity and better effectiveness guided by cost are just getting started. The trend is here, and companies have taken the lead, supported or not by the recovery plan.

Talentia is not to be outdone. With more than 30 positions opened in Paris, Milan, and Zurich combined with an acceleration of SaaS and the integration of new technologies such as RPA, BI, or AI… We have made major changes to bring out new successes. Together with all of our teams, we have made tough decisions, painful even sometimes. To prepare for the future, we knew we had to take action. We knew we had to invest, innovate, and reinvent ourselves to generate value for our customers and employees alike. 

Pierre Polette
CEO, Talentia

To prepare for the post-Covid era, companies are all reinventing themselves, reshaping their strategies. They are going forward with transformation. Recovery is here, within reach. Recovery implies critical responsibilities: commitment, drive, determination, and conviction. These are all values demonstrated by employees during the crisis and now that the economy is recovering. 

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Growth Digitalization has been a lever for resilience during the pandemic. Now that the world is moving toward the end of it, it will also act as a lever for economic recovery.