Discover the new charting tool by Talentia HCM

November 18, 2019

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The new Talentia Charter is an intuitive tool that allows you to display and model any type of organizational structure within Core HR. This integrated Talentia HCM tool uses the information already available in your HCM system to dynamically generate organization charts rich in information for all employees.

Improve your company’s communication

Talentia HCM offers fast and intuitive access to key information. The main contact details are available in the application directory, while the organizational chart and associated profile pages provide valuable additional information.

  • Facilitate the integration of your new employees
  • Give your HR team the ability to quickly identify the information of all employees
  • Support operational efficiency by allowing other contacts to be identified more quickly when key decision-makers are absent
  • Support planning and organizational design
  • Use the charter to explore the best model for your organization, plan many scenarios and communicate them to the rest of the company. Also identify key employees for succession planning.

The new Talentia Charter: the intuitive organizational charting tool

With Talentia Charter, create interactive flowcharts with real-time personal data. Requiring no integration, they are always up to date. In order to display accurate, interactive and attractive graphs, the data is taken from Core HR.

In addition to being a fast and powerful reporting tool, Talentia Charter offers HR users the ability to test different scenarios, and validate these changes in the database as soon as they are satisfied. While keeping a given and precise structure, users have the possibility to launch tasks and processes from the shortcuts at your disposal. Security permissions control the data available to everyone. By using a web browser, the tool allows the HR function to benefit from a precise and comprehensive overview of the company’s organization. Thanks to its new look, the charter can display basic information such as name, position and salary or display the user’s photo, but also other more precise information as well as demographic indicators, counters… etc..

The new Talentia Charter: A technological leap forward

  • A new ergonomic and modern interface
  • One tool for all structures
  • A style of configurable boxes: display / absence / performance / succession etc.
  • A box style design assistant
  • Modeling of hypothetical structures and integration into the database
  • Lateral navigator
  • Interactive graph / Printing options available