Disclosure Management: efficiency in financial reporting

October 11, 2021

Disclosure Management

Efficient corporate performance management requires accurate and precise financial performance data and analysis. Disclosure Management aims to consolidate financial information and create regulatory compliant financial and extra-financial documents and reports. 

Talentia Disclosure Management

To prepare annual and consolidated financial statements, financial reports, consolidated non-financial statements, and other word documents

Talentia Disclosure Management offers an efficient, intuitive, and collaborative solution to create and publish financial reports and documents regulatory compliant with new European ESEF standards.

This financial management solution automates the accuracy of financial statements and ensures compliance with constantly evolving regulations. Talentia Disclosure Management automates and speeds up the data import process from Talentia CPM platform.  

Collaboration, traceability, and accuracy 

Each user, with their specific profile, makes and shares collaborative and secure notes on accounts, financial figures, or reports. There is also traceability of changes made to documents and the source of the data. Workflows automate and simplify controls, ensuring validity, consistency, compliance with predefined processes, and data quality from import to final validation 

In addition, it facilitates the publication of financial statements in XBRL format 

  • Dynamically labeling financial statements with quick access to ESEF taxonomy elements. 
  • Initiating and verifying consistency checks required by ESMA 
  • Generating complete annual reports in XHTML format: main financial statements –balance sheet, income statement, statement of changes in equity, and statement of cash flows– and reports with notes in tabular, text, or graphic form. 
  • Submitting the XBRL file of the annual financial report for dissemination and posting it on the company’s website. 

Intuitive user interface

The solution is simple and easy to use. In addition, it counts on MS Office tools to enhance the financial statements or notes. That is why you don’t need special technical skills to set up reports, financial statements, workflows, etc.  

Benefits of Talentia Disclosure Management

  • For listed companies, it facilitates the obligation to present IFRS -compliant principal and consolidated financial statements in accordance with the updated ESEF regulations 
  • Whether or not they are listed companies, it facilitates their evaluation and simplifies their analysis. 
  • Automatically creates documents that accompany the financial statements: notes, management report, corporate report or balance sheet, etc. 

Ultimately, the solution enables the finance team to efficiently produce dynamic reports from the relevant information extracted from their analysis using Talentia CPM. It also ensures that data is used consistently across all reports and improves completeness and clarity in reporting. Thus, these reports support decision-making and corporate performance management in order to optimize results.