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Digital Onboarding: a priority for businesses in a Pandemic Time

September 29, 2020

Digital Onboarding – Talentia Software – HR Solutions

The business reality in the next normal, with the background of the COVID-19, is significantly transforming the management of people. Many of the processes involved in talent acquisition are taking place in digital contexts at a very fast pace. Therefore, having the tools – such as Talentia Onboarding – that help us to have a digital onboarding plan, is a huge advantage.

Let’s see why digital onboarding is an essential step in the remote HR management and what digital resources can help you to simplify this task.

Digital onboarding, essential in terms of retention and performance

According to a study carried out by Headway Executive Research, 75% of employees do not have good memories of their first steps in their respective companies. However, we can easily reduce potential mismatches in the onboarding process if we set an adequate onboarding plan for the company.

Thus, a welcome program takes into account these following points:

  • Inform about the internal organization dynamics.
  • Communicate corporate philosophy and culture.
  • Understand in-depth the objectives of the job, as well as its functions and responsibilities.
  • Connect employees with their team and their new organization, even if they do home-office.

These steps are key to ensuring the success of our teams. According to the study ‘The true cost of a bad hire’, carried out by Brandon Hall Group, those companies that have a solid integration process achieve 82% of commitment in new hiresand increase productivity levels by more than 70%.

Improve your onboarding and support smoother transitions

Having a software tool designed to implement good onboarding is critical to success. The tool should increase the new hire experience and support smoother transitions.

With Talentia Onboarding you can deliver the best first impression and experience of your company. This tool will facilitate you:

  • Configurable onboarding paths
  • Dedicated dashboard
  • Automated checklists
  • Microlearning and other activities incorporation
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Progress monitors
  • Paperless onboarding process
  • Easy use on any device, anywhere

The pandemic society must respond to new challenges. And corporations must equip themselves to respond effectively to them. Having the best talent will help organizations adapt to a changing environment and be successful.