Digital in the Pocket / In Extenso Marc Sabaté's key digital tools

August 30, 2021

Marc Sabaté, Founding Partner and Managing Director of In Extenso Finance & Transmission, agreed to share with us the tools he uses on a daily basis to monitor and detect business opportunities in the wine sector and maintain his social media presence.

Decanter: the essential reference

Because he is involved in numerous mergers and acquisitions in the wine world and is a savvy wine aficionado, Sabaté particularly appreciates the essential read for wine lovers: Decanter. Launched in the 1970s, this leading magazine with readers in 90 countries has skilfully negotiated the shift to digitalization. It is available on the Internet and also has its own mobile application. As the perfect resource for gaining an understanding of history and current affairs in the wine world, it is an essential working tool for Sabaté.

Idealwine: value your values

Wine is emblematic of the art of living, but it’s also a business. Connoisseurs of fine wines want to make the best investments. This is why Sabaté regularly checks out Idealwine. Created in 2000 by three wine enthusiasts, this medium is much more than an information resource. The site has established itself as a reference for wine lovers who are often very well-informed and who appreciate this international platform for buying and selling great wines by auction or direct purchase. In addition, he checks out Ventealapropriété and Bibovino when looking to buy for his own cellar. The gleaned information allows him to stay ahead of the game while maintaining his Linkedin network.

A taste of his world, with CEO.Radio!

All enthusiasts like to pass on their passion and help others discover it. 

Marc Sabaté is an active participant in CEO.Radio. This 100% digital radio station allows him to introduce listeners to the lives and careers of entrepreneurs and to get those entrepreneurs to talk about their challenges by prompting the idea: “Let’s boost your capital together”.

And when he took part in the interview with Eudes Morgan, Managing Director of the Nicolas Group, last October, he was able to combine his three passions: wine, entrepreneurship, and the opportunity to share.

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