Digitalize HR processes paper-based before.

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KOS is a private group operating in the healthcare sector. Its goal is to be an agent of innovation and provide personalized services.

KOS is focused on the following services:

  • Social and residential chronic care.
  • Rehabilitation and psychiatry.
  • Advanced technology, applied to medicine.
  • And acute care medicine.

KOS has more than 13,700 people (8,600 of them are just in Italy). They are present in 13 Italian regions and 3 other countries, with more than 12,800 beds. 

  • 53 residences for the aged.
  • 16 rehabilitation centers.
  • 13 psychiatric communities. 
  • 7 psychiatric clinics.
  • 2 hospitals.


People first is our mantra, and it is also for the sector we are part of.” according to Leonardo Silvi, Digital HR Manager at KOS.

“We needed a software solution to support HR management, and to involve employees (not only from an administrative point of view).”

Of course, the solution had to handle the most day-to-day administrative tasks. But, above all, the top 1 requirement was to deal with the complexities of the organization, mainly those of the HR function.

KOS people’s data volume is huge. So, the related processes had to be simplified and Talentia HCM was perfect for that. “The solution met our needs. We developed with Talentia a three-year plan with a step-by-step release of modules.”


“What makes the difference with Talentia HCM is you can use and upgrade it according to your needs,” says Leonardo Silvi. 

Enzo De Palma, Business Development Director at Talentia Software, added: “all the employee lifecycle’s processes are 100% digitalized, so, the benefits for a company such as KOS are huge.”

For example, here some of these benefits:

  • Employees collaboration to support business growth.
  • Many processes simplified, as they are not longer paper-based. 
  • Integration with existing tools inside the company.

Kos digitalized HR processes paper-based before

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