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Gebro Pharma achieved a successful HR Digitalization thanks to Talentia

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Laboratorios Gebro Pharma digitalized its HR processes thanks to Talentia HCM solution.

This company is the Spanish subsidiary of the Austrian company Gebro Pharma GmbH. Founded in March 2002 and with its headquarters in Barcelona, it focuses its activity mainly on the development and marketing of treatments against pain and inflammation, quickly opening up to the areas of Rheumatology, Urology, and other hospital specialist areas.

In 2018 the company increased its workforce by 18%. HR department must therefore keep pace with this evolution and focus on what is crucial: commitment and talent.


Gebro wanted to unify all the HR function’s processes: recruitment, performance review, training, management by objectives, time management, compensation and benefits. Thus, to focus on its organizational culture, save time and costs, Gebro decided to start using Talentia HCM solution.

Talentia Software’s HCM solution was chosen for its flexibility, time and cost savings. But, above all, the centralization of HR processes.


“Our main need was to have a comprehensive tool. Until now, the information was in different formats and it was not possible to extract analytics or cross-reference data,” says Isabel Salas, HR Director at Gebro Pharma. “We also made possible for each employee to access all his or her personal information, download the payslips, etc., without passing by the HR window.”.