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How to guarantee financial management flexibility for Bolzoni Auramo Group?

Bolzoni Auramo
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Manufacturer of forklift and platform lift

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Bolzoni Auramo Group is a conglomerate of companies and all of them must carry out the consolidation process. Therefore, the group decided to migrate to the Talentia CPM solution, which facilitates the consolidation of a large number of companies, even with different currencies.


  • Complete vision with all data
  • Speed flexibility, automatic data loading
  • Statutory consolidation and controlling system


The complete view with all data allows you to refine the information and forecasts.

Thanks to its collaboration, workflow, and alert functions, Talentia CPM guarantees flexibility in financial management.

The relationship with Talentia is based on trust, expertise and a very good business relationship.

The needs in terms of the detailed information required by the 17 companies of the group, the 2 budgets, and the 6 forecasts by product line level and financial level led the Bolzoni Auramo Group to migrate to Talentia CPM software and to be very satisfied with it.