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Talentia e Barzanò & Zanardo insieme per la digitalizzazione dei processi HR e per la sostenibilità

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The Need for Digital HR Transformation

Barzanò & Zanardo, a prestigious firm in the field of intellectual property since 1878, employs a dedicated workforce of over 200 individuals, including 70 industrial property consultants and 143 women. With the objective of staying ahead in both industrial and social spheres, the company initiated the establishment of an HR Office. The aim was to digitally transform HR processes to enhance internal communication and to implement a People-oriented transition program over four years. This strategic move was designed to improve the overall employee experience and manage the lifecycle of employees more effectively.


Talentia HCM as the Catalyst for Change

In 2022, Barzanò & Zanardo partnered with Talentia Software, selecting the Talentia HCM platform to facilitate their digitalization goals.

Talentia’s platform offered a suite of functionalities that aligned perfectly with Barzanò & Zanardo’s needs, including: 

  • A unified employee view for streamlined HR management. 
  • Registration of training pathways to foster employee development. 
  • An organizational chart to visualize company structure. 
  • A ‘center of expertise’ for nurturing new talent. 
  • The creation of an intranet for continuous access to company news. 
  • An employee self-service portal for personal information management. 
  • Integration with the Zucchetti payroll system. 

These tools were vital in transitioning Barzanò & Zanardo into a more digitally advanced and efficient organization. 


Achievements in Gender Equality and Enhanced Internal Communication

The collaboration between Talentia Software and Barzanò & Zanardo led to significant improvements in the company’s HR processes and internal communication. The implementation of Talentia HCM enabled the achievement of ESG Objective 5, the certification for gender equality. The platform with its dedicated dashboards facilitated the monitoring and reporting of KPIs related to equal opportunities, career advancement, pay equity, parental protection, and specialized training. As a result, the certification for gender equality was successfully obtained for both the Milan and Rome offices. 

The success of Barzanò & Zanardo’s digital transformation and commitment to social responsibility issues, such as gender equality, demonstrate the power of innovative software solutions in providing essential support not only to improve operational efficiency, but also to encourage a significant cultural and social change” – Ketty Paoli, Group Head of Human Resources and Internal Communication di Barzanò & Zanardo.