Core HR: Local and global analysis of HR management

April 20, 2021

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In order to respond to the current challenges faced by HR managers, it is important to have a seamless communication and management tool to unify and centralize all the organization’s data. Often, professionals spend too much time analyzing a huge amount of data about their employees and neglect what is really important: talent management. Implementing a human resources management software such as Core HR that streamlines processes and facilitates this function will make the difference and will be key to success.  

Data analysis, the way to optimize the HR area

Real-time data analysis is a real challenge for companies that want to make decisions quickly. Having access to a single source of data that collects all the information about employees, new hires, terminations, costs, absences, personal data, promotions, payroll, job descriptions or skills acquisition, is the main challenge faced by HR managers. 

Management software such as Core HR allows not only streamlining decision-making, but also anticipating and assessing risks, managing human capital more efficiently and, ultimately, adding value to your company. According to the report “New Core HR will power the future of work” by Forrester Research, “Core HR will be a key enabler of adaptive talent management as it will help lead a dynamic and fluid workforce that supports and drives continuous innovation. 

Talentia Core HR, seamless and collaborative management of all HR processes

Talentia Core HR is a tool that adapts to any organization, whether national or international, regardless of the sector in which it operates, and that allows unifying and centralizing all company data in real time in a flexible and dynamic way. 

By providing greater visibility into all processes, HR will be able to perform predictive analytics and optimize reporting management in a secure environment, ensuring data control, tracking and reliability. What do you get in return? The ability to correlate this data and turn it into valuable information. 

In addition to its ease of use, the platform encourages the participation of managers and employees, thanks to the implementation of a personalized self-service and an integrated HR store, which enables access to electronic services from any device. This allows each user to control the management of their teams, with a flexible design that adapts to local and global needs. 

More and more data is scattered across different departments or countries when it comes to an international organization. Managing HR processes uniformly in heterogeneous contexts is a difficult task, especially when country-specific requirements have to be taken into account. 

Talentia Core HR, recognized as a “Core Challenger” for the fourth consecutive year in the 2020 Fosway 9-Grid™ report, enables autonomous, accountable and collaborative HR management, streamlines processes and eliminates tedious, time-consuming tasks.