5 Benefits of Bottom-Up Learning When Using Employee Training Software

May 15, 2023

For many years, training has been treated as a top-down process with little room for flexibility and creativity. Now the business world has been redefined and reimagined. Employees can perform their work either remotely or in a hybrid setting and are even demanding more autonomy in the workplace. They are seeking more personal empowerment and independence, which technology can oftentimes provide. If the development modules, learning process and employee training software are implemented correctly, they can play a major role in an employee’s career and success.

A bottom-up learning approach is when companies tap into the best resource they have available: their workers. In this article, we will be sharing 5 main benefits of bottom-up learning when using employee training software and how Talentia’s Training Module can support your team’s learning needs.

1. Learning from employees with direct experience and knowledge 

A study by the Center for Creative Leadership found that 70% of workplace learning comes from real-life and on-the-job experiences, compared to only 10% of learning from outside training courses. Each of your employees is an expert on something and they learn plenty over the course of their careers. That is why it is important to utilize their knowledge and experiences and have them teach other co-workers. The use of employee training software can be a tangible way to measure their skills and knowledge and share them with the rest of the company.

2. Providing focused and localized training topics

A strong training program will prioritize nuance and localized topics for your industry. Remember, the best learning experiences come from the people who know the company well and manage to turn challenges into opportunities. Employee training software that is customizable and accessible anywhere and, on any device, will help companies promote upskilling in an enjoyable way.

3. Engaging and empowering employees to evaluate training courses

An engaged employee is more likely to express a higher commitment not only to their work but to the whole organization. This is where your team can greatly benefit from using the integrated training module inside Talentia’s HCM suite. User-friendliness and customizability are two major features that draw employers to choose this type of software. When you include team members’ ideas and experiences in real training materials and courses, you give them the chance to be actively involved in their peers’ learning.

4. Promoting team collaboration and encourage feedback

Giving your employees the opportunity to leave feedback will encourage them to share their ideas regularly. Companies thrive off positive feedback, but they can also learn from constructive comments. As an HR manager, you can structure your training courses in a customizable way that suits your company’s needs. Having proper training materials and software will engage your employees and improve their performance, thus helping your company stay competitive in the ever-changing world of business.

5. E-Learning modules that are learner-centric

Embrace the world of e-learning and promote a positive educational environment for your team. The Talentia training module integration allows you to design and deliver a complete learning experience for a variety of developmental activities. With active discussion forums, microlearning zones and easy course access, our employee training software is specially designed with learners in mind.

Optimize training at your company by switching from a top-down process to using a bottom-up learning approach. The business world is constantly evolving and to stay competitive your company needs to adapt. With collaboration at the core of Talentia’s Training Module, empower your team to actively evaluate and give feedback on your fully customizable training courses.