Benefits and Prospects of Payroll Software in SaaS Mode

August 26, 2019

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The development of SaaS now concerns all business lines in companies and particularly the HR function. HRIS has become the cornerstone of human resources management and SaaS platforms are holding the line in the marketplace by offering less expensive and more scalable solutions. Payroll management is particularly concerned.

SaaS Mode for Payroll : the perfect solution

Thanks to online operation with an external server, SaaS payroll software is both more convenient and cost-effective. The device is thus fully supported by the supplier who ensures a regular update in order to allow the user to constantly work on the latest version. By being hosted by the publisher, payroll in SaaS mode offers the advantage of being able to comply more easily and quickly with the regulatory changes specific to each customer.

SaaS mode offers total versatility on the different channels because it only works online. Moreover, today’s “company” is no longer confined to just one address. Staff mobility requires tools available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and on all types of platforms. A SaaS payroll software is designed to meet these requirements.

On the payroll data security side, the publisher must be able to provide a level of commitment to data availability and security, backup frequency and data hosting location.

Payroll software now essential for administrative management

  • This allows you to automate all payroll-related tasks, including :
  • The elaboration of pay slips according to the variables taken into account
  • The creation of master records for each employee
  • The edition of various documents such as the work certificate or Assedic certificates
  • The declaration of social security contributions
  • Salary payments and payroll accounting

All its missions make this tool a key element of the company’s administration. It ensures the accuracy and compliance required in payroll management, integrating the applicable legal framework while avoiding errors. Companies now have the choice between SaaS and on-premise payroll software, depending on their needs and budget. It is therefore necessary to determine the expectations before choosing the system to adopt.

What are the organizational impacts of switching to SaaS payroll ?

These are almost nil on the business level because it is simply a modification on the way to access the platform. The organization of the payroll department is not disrupted, only the IT department is forced to implement a reduction in the workload when changing internally.

In SaaS, the payroll manager is responsible for carrying out these tasks, thanks to the various variable elements in the secure area. The publisher publishes salary slips and manages social declarations according to the level of service offered. Finally, the latter provides a telephone assistance service with specialists and a customizable reporting tool that can be consulted online via a secure space.

Increasingly strong prospects

SaaS is now a model that is becoming increasingly well known in companies. According to Markess International, by 2018, more than 70% of HR decision-makers consider themselves fully familiar with the use of SaaS solutions, and more than 30% are using this model for payroll management in the enterprise. This figure is higher than in previous years and should continue to increase.

Talentia Payroll, payroll software available as SaaS

Talentia Software is a well-known European developer of business management solutions, offering an efficient response to the needs of businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to larger companies and major groups.

Talentia Software has developed Talentia Payroll, a solution designed to automate and optimize all processes relating to payroll and personnel administration. This solution will help you align HR management with your company’s general strategy, as a result of thorough knowledge of your human capital.

More specifically, this SaaS software offers complete payroll management. It incorporates more than 600 references from every business sector and receives regular legal and regulatory updates. The solution is collaborative and features an employee section where individuals can manage their profile and personal data, as well as another section for HR management.