ATS: the secret for a faster and more successful recruitment

February 17, 2020

Acquiring and retaining talent are the main concerns of companies today. According to the survey, XpertHR’s fourth annual, reports that nearly 30% of respondents named recruiting and hiring as their most critical challenge. Most of all, of those who reported recruiting and hiring needs, 51% are “extremely challenged” in finding high-quality candidates—more than twice the number (22%) from just two years ago.

Why is the recruitment process so long? 

The recruitment process is a fastidious, repetitive and time-consuming task, consisting in collecting requests, defining job description, creating job offer, posting online, raising awareness, managing applications form, handling volume of CVs, candidate selection process, communication, booking interviews, reference checks etc… per vacancy.

How can you speed up the recruitment process? 

Companies have several options to accelerate and simplify recruiting process. One of them is Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

What is an ATS or Applicant Tracking System? 

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software solution that digitalizes and automates the recruitment and hiring process. Optimizing processes, rapidly sorting and scanning through applications, matching and ranking suitable candidates and the enhancing the selection process. In turn, reducing time, manual efforts and maximizing the quality of applicants.

How to select the best ATS you need?

Beyond recruitment, select best candidates dynamically 

Capability to manage recruitment process but also to suggest and match the best candidates thanks to semantic engine able to read job ads, CV content and match them.

Multi-posting solution 

Fully integrated with company web sites, job board and social net, the ATS needs to facilitate multi-posting to job boards via a simple online form on the career page of the website and spread on job boards and social networks with just one click.

Maximizing candidate experience 

Simplifying the process for the candidate by automating acceptance and rejection correspondence, video interviews, dedicated recruitment portal to post all the needed documents, online job tests and quizzes. By delivering a fluid and dynamic candidate experience, you will convey a modern brand image and attract key talent to your company.

Tracking and measuring 

 All the activities and the assessment of your applicants should be tracked in order to improve your entire management process and facilitate the cooperation within your HR department.

What are the benefits of an ATS?

By using powerful ATS solution you will be able to accelerate time to recruit and reduce cost while connecting Talent Acquisition to Business Goals.

  • Streamline and automate the recruitment process
  • Find High Quality Applicants
  • Automatically suggest and rank candidates
  • Increase collaboration with the hiring team
  • Save time and reduce time to hire
  • Refines the candidate experience
  • Improve brand advocacy

Finally the real key to success in the recruitment process is the seamless switch from ‘Candidate’ to ‘Employee’. Automatically retaining all of the information from the recruitment process and eliminating any double-entry.

Talentia HR Suite offers a complete and collaborative solution to attract, select, hire and onboard talent.

Streamlining the entire process from vacancy management, selection and hiring whilst tracking all the steps along the way with key analytics and dashboards to monitor the progress.