Artificial intelligence and HR: the perfect match

January 11, 2022

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Technology is proving to be one of the main allies of the HR Director. Especially Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Artificial Intelligence does not replace the active role of the human component in the management processes of the HR department. However, it does make it possible to automate many key dynamics in order to maximize its operation and efficiency.

This paves the way for overcoming many of today’s HR management challenges, together with its strategies for the future. Artificial intelligence and HR is a perfect match.

What should the HR Director pay special attention to?

The internal reality of the HR department is multifaceted and requires the HR Director to monitor all spheres. This is especially true if their work is to prove useful to the company’s strategy. But, out of all these “pillars”, there are some that are particularly sensitive.

  1. Talent recruitment. This is one of the main lines of work of the HR department: selecting the right profile for the needs of the organization, maximizing the available talent and always having the best people. The main driver of any company is its human capital, which must be supported by a good recruitment policy and an effective onboarding strategy
  2. Training and upskilling. Even if there is a lot of talent in the department, the HR team must ensure the ongoing career development of the entire workforce. For this reason, designing training and upskilling programs— especially in the current context, with the increasing importance of remote working — is essential. 
  3. Anticipation of behavior. Through the permanent collection of information through different communication channels— both internal and external — the department can “feel” the general mood of the staff and take the lead in critical situations of absenteeism, poor planning of rotations or changes in commitment. 
  4. Employee experience and internal management. Obtaining performance, objectives, productivity and performance data provides key strategic information for the HR Director. Not only to keep track of human capital and their daily experience, but also to be able to tailor internal information, messages and upskilling to the specific needs of each employee.

AI applications in HR

Each of the above “challenges” for the HR Director can receive specific support thanks to different AI applications.

When recruiting talent, for example, video interviews, skills tests or chatbots can be implemented to automate and streamline interaction with candidates, through predefined messages.

Make recruitment easier thanks to the AI

For example, Talentia ATS solution (Applicant Tracking System) allows to easily attract talent, manage selection process and shortlist. The AI matching solution system includes a semantic engine able to read and classify CVs and job offers, by automatically pre-screening candidates’ profiles. 

Facilitate communication with the teams thanks to the AI

In addition, Talentia has THÉO, a virtual assistant that uses artificial intelligence technology to talk, search, understand and enhance decision-making in HR management, improving communication and information flow with teams. 

Artificial Intelligence and benefits for the HR Department

In any event, AI provides the HR Director with a very important support to advance in:

  • Efficiency. 
  • Process agility. 
  • Goals.
  • Establishment of a corporate culture. 

The point is to orient the HR Department towards the achievement of strategic objectives and digital transformation. This way we will boost company’s performance.