AFNOR group choose Talentia Software to modernize its HRIS

April 29, 2019

Version 10.2 de Talentia HCM

In order to support its international development, AFNOR group (known for designing and deploying solutions based on voluntary standards around the world) has chosen Talentia Software, a software company specialized in financial performance and human capital management. What was the challenge? Provide the group with modern, integrated and effective tools to cover the international market and meet the expectations of senior management, human resources, employees and operational managers.

An integrated platform from payroll to human capital management

Until then, AFNOR group had several solutions and interfaces, many of them for quite some time.  The tools had a number of limits, such as insufficient functional and geographical coverage. AFNOR group, therefore, wanted a modern, complete and scalable solution to support the group’s HR transformation project.

A perfect challenge for Talentia Software, which has been able to offer an integrated and intuitive platform, based on a completely functional scope: payroll and administrative management, recruitment, training, interviews, and skills. Each of these areas is accompanied by reports and alerts, mobile access for employees and managers and complete data history. Implementation is scheduled for January 1, 2020.

An evolving HRIS opened to the international market

With a flexible solution, Talentia can extend its coverage without borders. One of the characteristics of this project was its ability to take into account the international dimension: although it is mainly located in France (with a thousand employees in 12 regional delegations), the group also offers its services abroad (300 employees).

The system will initially be deployed in France and should be rolled out later in all the group’s HR function locations.

“Beyond its ability to provide us with a modern and integrated platform according to our needs, Talentia Software has seduced us with its ability to deploy its solutions across all our locations around the world. We also appreciate their knowledge of our historical solutions and the possibility of being supported in the long term in other HR functional areas such as digitalization. With the HR department, we are counting on Talentia Software to support us in the success of this project on January 1, 2020,” comments Frédéric Leconte, CIO of the AFNOR group.

“We are delighted to have been chosen by AFNOR group; this project is a wonderful challenge and allows us to demonstrate once again our ability to offer a flexible solution with an international dimension. Thanks to the know-how of our teams and the technology of our tools, we have all the skills required to deploy a sustainable system according to AFNOR’s challenges,” explains Xavier Daguzan, Managing Director France of Talentia Software.

A few words about AFNOR Group’s ITS Department

The AFNOR group uses an agile approach for project management. In the summer of 2019, two-thirds of the projects led by the IT teams will be managed according to this approach, to keep pace with the changing needs of AFNOR group’s businesses and technological developments. Adopting this highly industrialized and precise mechanism implies a major change in practices, at the same time as all CIO’s internal customers are rethinking their sales processes. Sales of standards and subscription solutions, training processes, company certification and standards writing are on the agenda of the CIO teams: they are at the forefront of projects essential to the development of AFNOR group.