Accounting software: an effective ally

September 24, 2019

The use of accounting software is nowadays essential given the new challenges faced by finance departments. In addition to its basic functions, accounting software provides an overview of the company’s financial situation and helps streamline processes.

Why use accounting software?

In carrying out its duties, the Finance Department is responsible for a large number of important tasks that are both complex and time-consuming. Providing it with technical support, in particular an accounting software solution, is therefore vital to optimize the organization of existing processes. This tool makes it possible to cover all the points relating to optimizing the company’s performance:

  • Accounting and financial management;
  • Customer account management;
  • Cashflow forecasting;
  • Tax return;
  • managing purchases and liabilities;
  • supply chain processing;
  • accounting audits and controls;
  • asset management;
  • accounting review.

However, it is best to opt for a modular and scalable solution. This will provide you with features that evolve to match your growing business and, as a result, your changing needs.

Which accounting software should my company use?

Before accounting software, finance departments were subject to a wide range of technical constraints. And for good reason: book entries had to be carried out manually, as did account balancing. In addition, monitoring operations required a high level of vigilance and multiple checks.
Fortunately, the advent of accounting software has set things straight and enabled companies to make their financial and accounting operations more secure. The automation of operations has also enabled a great deal of time to be saved, since there are no manual tasks to slow down the process. For example, software can be used to quickly create entry guides, easily integrate data, or perform assessments. Not to mention the insight that these tools provide into the state of your finances, with information automatically gathered in one place.
But while accounting software has the advantage of being practical, it is important to choose the right solution for your business. Not all software offers the same features, while some are specifically dedicated to a particular business area. However, you can opt for a comprehensive solution such as that offered by Talentia Software, which takes into account the size of your organization and its needs.

The Talentia Accounting software package

Do you wish to optimize your bookkeeping process?                                                                   
The Talentia Accounting software
package is an accounting and finance management solution designed specifically to assist the finance department in its principal tasks.
Talentia Accounting is a cutting-edge tool incorporating innovative features that enable businesses to optimize their accounting, helping them save considerable time on various aspects of their operations: cashflow management, transaction tracking, correcting errors relating to manual cashflow administration.
By choosing Talentia’s accounting and financial management software, you gain a complete and proactive view of your company’s economic data, enabling you to improve analysis, control, planning and decision-making. Talentia Software can also help you manage human capital with its talent management and HR performance solutions.