7 Key Features to Look for in Employee Training Software

August 1, 2023

Consistent training and development over time is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition. Organizing these materials through employee training software is essential for engaging your team and increasing their performance. Having both in-person classes and online courses all in one platform will help managers collect and deliver accurate analytics in real time for employees to customize their courses and improve their experience.  

Training helps your employees enhance their skills and become more efficient at performing their tasks. Creating a cohesive and interactive learning culture at your company will help you correctly establish and manage your training plans. 

Take a look at the different types of employee training software available and the 7 key features found in Talentia’s Training Management Software. 

2 Main types of employee training software

Learning Management System (LMS)

This is a software application that is used for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, as well as training programs and materials. It also allows managers to design and offer full courses for a variety of development activities.

Personalization and adaptive learning

On the other hand, adaptive learning is an educational method that uses computer algorithms as well as artificial intelligence to organize the interaction with the learner. It delivers customized learning activities to address the unique needs of each user. 

Gamification software 

Gamification software adds gaming elements, such as points, badges and rewards to training programs, to enhance learner engagement and motivation. 

7 Key employee training software feature

From user-friendly interfaces to robust reporting capabilities, training software key features will help you unlock the full potential of your employees and cultivate a culture of learning and excellence within your organization. Let’s delve into the seven crucial elements that can empower your workforce and drive your business towards continued prosperity. 

1. Course creation 

With dynamic employee training software, you can make sure your course offers align with your company’s goals. Create a complete catalog of professional development activities with accurate descriptions, lists of requirements, availability, dates and other relevant information as needed. 

2. Content management 

Engage your team to learn and grow by increasing their motivation with specialized courses. With customizable employee training software, you can be in control in terms of what types of content your team needs to increase their success at the company. 

3. Progress tracking 

It is important to monitor users’ progress to ensure compliance with onboarding and changes in company needs. Analyzing data and learning activities allows you to assess each employee’s progress and, therefore, identify their needs, such as:  

  • Analyzing progress and completion rates. 
  • Gaining a better understanding of employee engagement levels. 
  • Identifying which employees are certified in specific areas. 
  • Determining additional training needs. 

H3: 4. Adaptive learning paths 

This is a guided learning approach that follows well-defined routes that enable learners to gain knowledge efficiently and comprehensively as they progress through them. Such paths can be a combination of self-paced and real-time options to reflect users’ different learning styles. 

5. Personalized recommendations 

An effective learning management system should be able to recommend training courses and programs based on an individual’s position and job duties. When customized options such as these are presented to an employee, they will become more invested in their professional development. 

6. Skill assessment tools 

Talentia Training Management is a powerful and collaborative training platform that works to foster an immersive learning culture. Develop and track which skills each individual employee needs to boost their performance. 

7. Programmable alerts 

Our employee training software can help you stay on top of regulatory training by allowing you to schedule alerts for expiring qualifications with just one click. We offer essential support to HR managers to ensure your team’s training and certificates are always up to date. 


Invest in your company’s future expansion and growth through training. It is an essential part of your HR policies, and it will strengthen the ties between your employees and departments. Talentia Training Management offers a comprehensive service from integration to software assistance to help you focus on higher-value activities.