ByMyCar is composed of a conglomerate of small groups that must perform consolidation for each. The decision was taken to combine all these consolidations and migrate to the complete Talentia CPM Consolidation solution, which makes it possible to consolidate approximately sixty companies with companies in euros and others in Swiss francs.


Strengths of the solution:

  • Easily configurable
  • Based on Excel, which offers almost infinite possibilities
  • Allows you to “play with numbers”, go into detail, etc. This product offers many possibilities.


This Excel-based solution makes it possible to perform numerous extractions, refine the information, go down in detail and thus improve the financial information communicated to managers and external partners.

The relationship with Talentia is built on trust, expertise and a very good business relationship.

Talentia Consolidation was the perfect solution, but the new needs in terms of the detail of the information requested by the company’s partners, whether internal or external, have led ByMyCar to migrate to the group solution and to be very satisfied with it.

They trust us